How I Got My Contact Lenses for 31% Cheaper Than The Optometrist


It’s that time of year again, when I have to go to the eye doctor and they give me a slightly different prescription than last year, and I need to re-stock up on contact lenses. I lost my full-time job in May due to COVID, so I’m feeling extra wallet conscious, but I am not gonna compromise on my eye health by getting cheap contact lenses. As usual, my Doctor prescribed me my favorite 1-Day Acuvue Moist lenses that are super comfy, moist, and keep my eyes healthy. I love these lenses, but dailies are pricey, so before jumping in I decided to do my research on the cheapest way to get my lenses and explored several online options on top of the price my optometrist gave me.


The winner: ContactsCart!  Buying my lenses from ContactsCart was 31% cheaper than the price my optometrist gave me and 20% cheaper than other online options. I’ve added a handy chart below that shows the different prices for the exact same product. Adding to the convenience, ContactsCart is a subscription service that you can cancel anytime (including after your first box). They carry almost all contact lens brands, including lenses for astigmatism and colored lenses!

Price of One Box (No Offer)
Price One Box (With Offer)
Total Price Two Boxes
ContactsCart $63.99 20% Off First Order $51.20 $102.40
Optometrist $75 None $75 $150
1-800-Contacts $79.99 20% Off First Order $63.99 $127.98
ContactsDirect $75.99 15% Off First Order $64.59 $129.18


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