4 Reasons You’ll Like Glossier Even If You Don’t Like Makeup


By Ashley Graef

I’ve always been the only person in my friend group who doesn’t like makeup. I can’t stand how it feels on my face, and it honestly just doesn’t make me feel like myself. I’ve tried every makeup brand you can think of and none of them work for me, but then a friend of mine introduced me to Glossier and I could not believe I actually liked a beauty brand.

They have skincare

On Glossier’s website they clearly state their belief that skin comes first and makeup comes second. The products are designed to make you look and feel your best without any makeup at all. They have tons of cult-favorite skincare products, like Futuredew and Balm Dotcom, plus sets, like the Skincare Set and the Super Pack, where you save when you buy multiple products at once.

Their makeup is meant to enhance you–– not cover you up

One thing I’ve always hated about makeup is that I feel like it covers up my face too much. There’s nothing worse than when your makeup looks cakey. Glossier’s focus is on enhancing your skin, so their products are lightweight and buildable. These products still make me feel like me, but a little more refreshed. I feel like my skin can actually breathe with these products.

They’re easy to use

Glossier doesn’t have to be a five-step process just to use one product. I don’t need a makeup brush or sponge to apply a product–– I can literally just use my fingers. Glossier offers multiple products that don’t require a brush, like Cloud Paint, their cheek color; Lidstar, their eyeshadow; and Haloscope, their highlighter. These products make it so convenient for me, since I can easily reapply if I’m out, and I’m not left with makeup brushes to clean every week.

There are options within makeup

As I’ve explored Glossier, I’ve realized that they carry a lot more than just lipstick and blush. They offer highlighter, eyeliner, eyeshadow, brow pomade–– odds are, they have exactly what you’re looking for. I’m the type of person that tends to get overwhelmed running from shop to shop, since I’m already not a makeup fan. Something I love about Glossier is that they have it all, so I don’t need to confuse myself by figuring out which product I buy where.

For someone who doesn’t like makeup, Glossier has been my saving grace. Their skincare is plentiful, and their makeup is easy to use. I feel confident and like myself while wearing their products; and they’re affordable, without sacrificing any quality. If you’re like me and enjoy easy-to-use, powerful beauty products but don’t love makeup, then you have to try Glossier.

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