5 Reasons to Try Tovala


There are plenty of products claiming to make our lives easier. Typically, none of them do. But we’ve come across a product that actually does make your life easier by practically making meals for you. This time-saving master is called Tovala. Tovala is both a smart oven and delivery service in one, delivering you fresh, almost no-prep meals that you can pop in your Tovala Smart oven and let it take care of the rest for you. Let’s break down the reasons we think you should try a Tovala.

1. It saves you a crazy amount of time

Say goodbye to long lines at the grocery store and hauling bags through your front door. With Tovala, there is no grocery shopping necessary. You can get weekly meal deliveries of raw and fresh, carefully sourced ingredients sent straight to your door. These meals could not be easier, taking less than one minute of prep, with all meals cooking in 20 minutes or less. Tovala has a built-in scanner, and every meal comes with a scannable meal card. All you have to do is scan your meal card on the oven’s scanner, and it will begin cooking your meal automatically. Tovala does all the work for you, so you can finish up those last 20 minutes of work. Clean-up is a breeze, leaving you with just your plate and silverware to take care of. Your cleanup time will be almost as quick as your meal-prep time.


2. You can choose from a menu that never gets boring

Each week, you’ll receive a new menu to choose from. These meals are crafted by professional chefs, and are made with high-quality, fresh ingredients. You can choose from a variety of fish, meat, poultry, and vegetarian dishes. Entrées include red wine beef stew, pork al pastor tacos, and gnocchi in an artichoke marinara. Tovala offers gluten-free, calorie-smart, and carb-conscious options. Don’t want the roasted potatoes with your salmon? Customize your side with a cabbage slaw salad instead with Tovala’s customizable sides.  

3. They have amazing customer reviews

Out of over 700 reviews on their website, Tovala’s rating is a 4.7/5. Nurse Alexandra rated it five stars, saying, “I’m a nurse and work long crazy hours. I hate prepping food and just want to come home and eat something quick and nutritious instead of the packaged junk food I used to grab for convenience. Tovala has been amazing! I can come home from work, pop in a whole nutritious meal in a minute and it is done by the time I’m out of the shower! So easy and healthy!”

Having served over one million meals, it’s clear that people keep coming back to Tovala for more.


4. Its impressive smart oven technology

Smart ovens are the latest trend on the market, making cooking the easiest part of your day. Tovala’s smart oven tops them all. The magic of Tovala is that it automatically cycles through different cooking modes – bake, steam and broil – and temperatures so it’s like cooking with the precision of a professional chef. All you have to do is scan your meal’s barcode, and Tovala goes to work. It’ll even send a message to your phone when your meal is finished cooking. With this smart oven technology, your food will always come out like you’re eating in a Tovala chef’s kitchen–– perfect every time.


5. You can scan 650+ groceries, make your own food, and even use Tovala’s own recipe library

On top of knowing how to perfectly cook your delivered meals, Tovala knows how to cook some of your favorite grocery store products. You can scan the barcodes of over 650 grocery items, including Annie’s Homegrown, Eggo, and even Trader Joe’s products. Tovala will cook them with just a scan of a barcode. That frozen pizza will come out flawlessly every time. You can also make your own food using five versatile modes: steam, bake, broil, toast, and reheat. Tovala estimates your preheating time, so that you don’t waste any time staring at your oven, guessing if the temperature is right or not. Best of all? You’ll have access to Tovala’s recipe library via your smart device. All you’ll need to do is gather ingredients, prep your food, pop it in the oven, press “Cook It!” on your app, and then let Tovala do all the work. Mealtime has never been easier.


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