5 Reasons Why We Choose to TuneIn

Radio isn’t a choice: it’s a lifestyle. It’s the portable battery that boosts your mood through a rainy day, intense workout, or a traffic jam. It’s the companion that helps dictate your energy no matter where you are.


So, taking time to choose a quality radio app can literally change your life. Recently at InsiderEnvy, we’ve been exploring different radio apps and have fallen in love with TuneIn.


Here are the 5 reasons why:


1. TuneIn is the Netflix of Radio

TuneIn is basically Netflix for your ears—but better. On TuneIn you can search for specific content or browse your options by mood or favorites. You can listen to cutting edge podcasts like “The Hidden Brain” or “The Joe Rogan Experience,” or you can kick back to old school tunes on the “Hip Hop Classics” station.


Your options with TuneIn are endless. So, whether you are driving to work, listening to sports while cooking, or trying to up your knowledge before heading to bed, TuneIn makes it easy—just like Netflix.


2. Over 120,000 Stations and Growing

Going hand in hand with the diversity of auditory options on TuneIn is the huge depth of content. To sum it up in a number, TuneIn offers over 120,000 radio stations—running the gamut from local talk radio to streaming sports.


And within each of these verticals there’s a wealth of niche options. For example, on the sports front, TuneIn offers everything from sports radio to ways to stream specific games, even March Madness coverage. TuneIn is great as there is something for everyone.


3. Everywhere You Go, TuneIn is There

Unlike Netflix, which requires a laptop or TV, TuneIn works on almost every device you own. You can easily stream TuneIn from your phone, computer, or even car (available on Tesla, BMW, and other vehicles), and TuneIn also works with new home assistants like Amazon Echo and Google Home.


No matter where you are in the world or in your life, you will be able to stay up to date with your podcasts and music using TuneIn.


4. A Global Experience

One unique aspect of TuneIn that we particularly love is how vast its global library is. TuneIn is offered in (and provides coverage for) over 150 countries (and their stations), in over 100 languages. What this means is that if you are bilingual, multilingual, or simply want to learn another language, you can use TuneIn to improve your skills.


5. A community of people and ideas

Using TuneIn, I fell back in love with radio.


Radio may seem “old school”, but in reality, it’s held its own as a modern and impactful technology for decades. From the underground radio in Haight Ashbury that helped spread the new sounds of the 60’s, to the Radio Free Europe movement which allowed people to speak more freely on radio shows during the Cold War, radio has been an agent of change.


In the same vein, one of my favorite aspects of TuneIn is the community and how you can find content and music on any topic you are interested in.


TuneIn provides a platform for people of all backgrounds to share their ideas, and with an audience of over 75 million listeners, TuneIn allows those messages to reach a big audience.

TLDR; Get on the TuneIn Bandwagon!

If Netflix and Tivo had a radio baby on steroids, its name would be TuneIn. Conveniently located in the palm of your hand, being connected with new music, global news, talks, sports, and radio couldn’t be easier, so if you haven’t done so already, give TuneIn a shot.


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by Insider Envy Staff


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