Five Ways to Transform Your Home with Mixtiles


5 ways to transform your home with Mixtiles 

Written by Emily O’Hara, an Ampush employee

Decorating is hard. Between spending hours finding high-quality and chic items on a budget, hammering nails into the walls to hang paintings, and realizing you put everything in the wrong place and rearranging, it is an exhausting and time-consuming process. 

Believe it or not, we found a solution that solves every one of those problems. Enter: Mixtiles. Mixtiles is a company that is striving to make creating your dream living space as easy as humanly possible. You just upload an image (or a series of images) that you love to their site, decide the dimensions and style of the framing, and within days your décor arrives on your doorstep– and all you have to do is stick the adhesive back of the image to your wall. 

It’s that easy? Must be expensive! In fact, just the opposite. High quality frames for photos can cost $60-$100, or significantly more (not to mention ordering a high quality print of your image as well). An 8×8 Mixtiles tile costs a mind-blowing $11! Other options, including coordinated sets of multiple images, can cost anywhere from $22-200. Plus, if you don’t like where your photo is hung, no worries. The adhesive back is made to be moved wherever you need it to go. 

I put my Mixtiles above my work from home desk, but there are about a million other ways to use them to spruce up your home. Here are 5 more that we love: 

A family photo wall along a staircase 

One of our favorite uses of Mixtiles displayed on their site is a gorgeous, many-photoed wall full of family photos from different years, symbolically placed along a staircase to note the passage of time. With how affordable Mixtiles’ prints are, you can opt for a large quantity of images without sacrificing quality. If the theme of the day is “mother,” you can’t go wrong here.

Abstract, funky combination of multiple images to bring some spice to your kitchen. 

Fitting together different sized photos with different proportions can feel like a puzzle with no solution, but Mixtiles cleverly groups frames that look organic and thrown together, but fit perfectly. Let them do the arranging– you (or you and your loved ones) just choose the images you want to celebrate. 

Bathrooms don’t get enough love

Anyone with kids knows this to be true (and many people without them as well): no space is safe from water/dirt/soap/anything else in a small bathroom. Thus, bathrooms sometimes don’t get enough love! But with the flexibility and affordability of mixtiles, you can finally decorate your restrooms as well as they deserve!

Entryway art to give people a treat, right as they come in 

Even if between hooks, coat racks, umbrellas, and piles of shoes, your entryway doesn’t seem like it has enough room for art, Mixtiles are small and durable, and a perfect way to feature art or photographs you love right as you or your guests enter your home. Set the tone for your whole home as soon as anyone walks in the door. 

A perfect way to decorate your kid’s rooms

Kids love art, but can’t always be trusted with the fancy goods. A fun project could be going through your own children’s drawings with them and finding their absolute favorites, and using digital images of them, turning them into framed Mixtiles. Framing a photo makes it feel special, and any child will feel proud to see their art so well displayed. 

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