6 Weeks of Power: Season 1


Now is the BEST Time to Join the Power Family Before the Final Episodes Begin 1/5

6 Weeks of Power: Season 1

Calling all past, present, and future Power fans! There are 6 weeks left until the final episodes of Power, and previously we covered why now is the best time to re-watch the series or catch up if you haven’t. (link this to previous article) Starting today, we’ll be rewatching the series ourselves and feature a weekly recap of each of the 6 seasons. Join us in the marathon by starting your free trial on the STARZ App!

Power Season 1

What it’s about: James “Ghost” St. Patrick is a NYC club owner who also happens to be the top dog drug distributor in the city. Raking in cash from the underground business and cleaning it through the night club, all seems well for Ghost and his family when things start to get complicated. Ghost’s high school sweetheart Angela re-enters his life, and the drug organization is under attack from seemingly many sides, putting Ghost’s family and friends in unprecedented chaos.

Why we love it: What much else can we say, It’s the season that started it all. From the world building around Ghost’s new swanky NYC club to his mysterious past that is slowly unveiled, the season does an excellent job of engaging the viewers into the life of the St. Patricks, with plenty of visual stimuli of all kinds along the way.

Top 3 character performances: Ghost, Angela, Lobos

Our favorite episodes: Episode 7 – Loyalty, Episode 8 – Best Laid Plans

How to watch: Start your free trial on the STARZ App

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