6 Weeks of Power: Season 2


Now is the BEST Time to Join the Power Family Before the Final Episodes Begin 1/5

6 Weeks of Power: Season 2

Calling all past, present, and future Power fans! There are 6 weeks left until the final episodes of Power, and previously we covered why now is the best time to rewatch the series or catch up if you haven’t. Starting today, we’ll be re-watching the series ourselves and feature a weekly recap of each of the 6 seasons. Join us in the marathon by starting your free trial on the STARZ App!

Power Season 2

What it’s about: After almost getting killed at Truth, Ghost realizes that getting out of the drug game isn’t as easy as he had thought. Season 2 also marks the beginning of a couple major Power themes: 1) Tension between Ghost and Tommy (with Tommy suspecting that Ghost is a snitch); and 2) Totally unrealistic courtroom scenes (hello, Procter!). The season finale pits Ghost against Kanan, leading to one of the most epic scenes in Power history.


Why we love it: Where to begin? Season 1 was great, but Season 2 is where the real drama begins. Angela (finally) learns a lot more about Ghost, Lobos turns up the heat on Ghost and Tommy…and to top it all off, we get our first introduction to Procter (one of our favorite characters on the show). Oh, and Tariq is still just a sweet, innocent kid who doesn’t make us want to throw stuff at our screen.

Top 3 character performances: Tommy, Kanan, Lobos

Our favorite episodes: Episode 6 – “Why Her?”, Episode 9 – “Time’s Up” 

How to watch: Start your free trial on the STARZ App

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