Air Optix vs Acuvue Contacts


In this guide, we will be comparing two top contact lens brands: Air Optix and Acuvue.

Both brands are well respected, have been on the market for many years and make a variety of different contacts for different medical issues. These brands offer a variety of options which can be bought at pharmacies, through online sites, and more. You can buy both Air Optix and Acuvue from Simple Contacts, which is an online retailer that regularly delivers contacts to you at the best prices.

Let’s dig into it!

Available Options:

Having options is almost always a good thing. As larger contact lens brands, both Air Optix and Acuvue provide customers a range of options, meet their specific comfort and medical needs.

Air Optix

Ranging from an assortment of styles, including colored contacts, this brand, created by Ciba Vision is the perfect solution for many happy contact wearers.

This brand is equipped with soft, breathable lenses that are created from a dynamic silicone hydrogel that is easy on the eyes, while continually giving the wearer impeccable vision. This silicone hydrogel will keep eyes hydrated and healthy, despite having to wear the contacts throughout a long, stressful day.

Additionally, Air Optix is fortified with their very own SmartShield Technology, which creates a level of protection around the contact, to keep debris away from the eye.


The Acuvue contact lens is also its own design, created with silicone hydrogel, that is approximately 67% lotrafilcon B and 33% water. This new technology makes the contact is easy to apply and has its own patented surface treatment, which enables it to resist deposits. This results in a more comfortable wearer experience, as well as protecting the eye from dehydration.

Customer Reviews:

The reviews and highlights of a contact brand is a subject that many prefer to hear right from the people that use it. After all, getting the information directly from the source is the purest form of research. If a wearer is able to connect with reviews, they are more apt to be choosing the right contact for their specific vision.

So, here is a compilation of reviews for each featured brand:

Air Optix

Pros: The major pro for Air Optix is the SmartShield Technology that is inherent in every Air Optix contact. This innovative technology is specifically added to help protect the eye from the invasion of debris, while remaining breathable and hydrated, so that the eye remains comfortable and clean.

Additionally, Air Optix is a reliable brand that is carried by many medical offices, in addition to being available online, making it easy for customers to refill their prescription in the manner that suits them best.

Cons: Many customers have found an issue with the amount of contacts available. Instead of offering monthly, or annual supplies, the majority of Air Optix product are only available in daily, or two-week daily wear supplies. The frequency of having to get these contacts can be a hassle. However, those that use this brand, seem to like the actual contact, just not the amount of times per year they have to refill their prescription.


Pros: Acuvue also has a range of products to suit the needs of their patients.  This brand is celebrated for the comfortability for sensitive eyes, the ability that these lenses have to keep up in challenging environments and the enhancement of the wearer’s natural eyes.

Additionally, each Acuvue Contact is optimized for maximized wear, even in the longest days, under stressful, eye-straining situations.

Cons: There are two cons that customers have stated about this brand, which stand out.

The first is with the contact named Toric. This contact is supposed to correct astigmatism and while medically, it works fine, the contact is difficult to handle. While being inserted, the contact has a difficult time keeping its shape, which makes the task a little time consuming, especially for inexperienced wearers.

The second issue is with the timeframe of the two-week contacts. Customers have found it difficult to stick to the two-week changing time that the contacts require. However, more notably, wearers have noticed that the clarity of vision appears to dissipate before the two-weeks has even passed.


The price of contacts, across the board can be extremely bothersome to patients. Contacts are often an expensive and frequent purchase. However, both Air Optix and Acuvue have curated different options, in order to make the pricing of their contacts a little more affordable.

Air Optix

Air Optix has partnered with many different eye doctors, in order to bring their products directly to their local office. The price point with this option varies by office. However, customers can also get their contacts online at Simple Contacts website. This website is known for getting each patient the best price possible for their specific contact lens.


Acuvue has a dependable, loyal fan base, which is consistently growing. This is mostly due to their great product, but their rewards system, MyAcuvue, probably has something to do with it too. While the price of the contacts is still subject to specific products and prescriptions, this reward system will give incentives throughout the year, in addition to a large annual bonus, for being loyal to their brand.

Insurance Coverage:

There are many different insurance coverage plans out there and sometimes, it can be difficult to know which benefits a particular plan carries. Fortunately, both the Air Optix brand and the Acuvue brand have a system to get patients the best coverage their plan offers.

Air Optix

When customers are buying Air Optix through Simple Contacts website, they have the option for in-network insurance coverage, as well as out of network coverage, depending on the specific benefits the customer is entitled to.

When a patient is buying their Air Optix contacts through their local medical office, the office will handle the insurance claim, as it would for any other brand of contacts.


Acuvue Contacts can provide customers with an invoice that can be submitted to the patient’s insurance for either full or partial reimbursement of the contact order.

So, that’s the lowdown on the two competing contact brands: Air Optix vs. Acuvue. To see how Acuvue compares against Hubble click here!

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