Power Season 6 Character Transformation


Season 6 has been the pinnacle of character development for our favorite Power characters. Here are some of my thoughts, what are yours?


Tariq used to be a beloved almost innocent character we definitely had a soft spot for… but now he’s turned into someone we love to hate. Manipulator, mastermind, betrayer? It’s hard to believe this is the same little Tariq from season 1!


Tariq’s kidnap fiasco has brought characters who used to loathe each other together under one cause. Unexpected pairs such as Ghost and Tommy, LaKiesha and Tasha, and even Governor Tate and Ghost have shown us some surprising interactions that make us questioning more and more what’s to happen next.


Every episode we find out more about who each character really is and even more about who they’re trying to be. With plenty of episodes left, who knows how much each of them can change even more!


Stream new episodes at 12am EST on the STARZ App every week to keep up with the development of Tariq, Ghost, and all of your favorite Power stars.

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by Insider Envy Staff

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