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Monovision contacts, like multifocal, or bifocal contacts, are a way to try and address presbyopia (the loss of vision when looking at close objects typically caused by aging). While multifocal contacts address this issue by using two different magnifications within the same lens, monovision contacts address this by using one magnification in one eye and a different magnification in the other eye. In conjunction, the two different prescriptions allow you to see objects near and far.

Benefits of monovision contacts:

There are many benefits to monovision contacts. First, since you will use traditional contacts (just with different prescriptions for each eye) you can use almost any contact lens on the market, and the price is generally cheaper than multifocal contacts.

Second, monovision contacts are simply the only choice for some people. For example, some people that suffer from astigmatism cannot wear bifocals. These individuals can instead wear their preferred contacts (from dailies to extended wear toric contacts), and use a monovision approach to address their presbyopia.

Lastly, some people simply prefer this approach to bifocal or multifocal contacts that can be difficult to adjust to.

Drawbacks of monovision contacts:

Monovision contacts like multifocal contacts can be difficult to adjust to. Having different magnifications in each eye means that looking at either objects far away or nearby will require an adjustment. At first, both distances can seem blurry and some people will prefer to close one eye for seeing at each of these distances. That said, as you adjust to using one eye for distance and the other for objects close up, and both for objects in a more middle ground, your brain will adjust to this and it will begin to feel more comfortable.

Best monovision contacts:

So what are the best contacts for people who want to use monovision contacts to address presbyopia? Well, that’s sort of the best part of the monovision approach—any contact you normally use can work for monovision, so the best contacts are the ones that work best for you normally. This could be anything from Hubble daily contact lenses to Acuvue contacts, to another brand you trust and love.

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