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For prescription and non-prescription contact lens users, color contacts not only give you the ability to change your eye color, but also improve visual performance. Custom-tinted contacts create a natural appearance and can disguise eye injuries, defects, and go beyond cosmetic roots. “Sport tint” contacts are often used by professional athletes to reduce glare, heighten depth perception, and enhance contrast sensitivity.

There is a wide availability of prescription contacts that can change your eye color as well as correct for nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism. Although color contacts tend to be higher than regular contacts, you can buy color contacts for a discount here. You’ll find companies like Acuvue that specialize in a selection of color contacts, while other companies like ContactsCart that offer a multitude of brands.  Color contacts allow you to play with different shades of color and go beyond the natural color of your eyes.


To be fully transparent, color contacts are more expensive than regular non-color contacts. Allowing an individualized look, color contact prices vary on type, color, and material. Choosing the right contacts for you might take a bit of experimenting, but once you find your color, you’ll be sure to wear your lenses proudly. See our chart below to get an idea on the annual prices of the top colored contacts on the market:

Types of Color Contacts

Natural eye color is beautiful, but if you’d like to take it a step further and express yourself through your eyes, color contacts may be for you. Whether it is for a daily routine or a special event, color contacts can be worn for any occasion. The different types of color contacts range from a modest to theatrical changes in color and/or effect.

Visible Tint

For those who are constantly fishing around their contact lens case in search for their seemingly invisible contacts, visibility tints may be the right choice for you. These lenses do not affect your eye color, but allow you to see the lens better for insertion and removal.


For a subtle look, color contacts in various shades can lighten your eye color without standing out. This slight change can enhance the colored part of the eye, which is called the iris. These types of lens never cover your pupil which allow you to see clearly. Colored contacts with tint are still translucent, but enhance the natural color of your eyes. These lens will temporarily transform those with light shades to a more intense effect.


Opaque color contacts are patterned with different shades that almost cover the entire iris leaving the pupil uncovered. These lenses are perfect for those with darker shades and will entirely change the eye-color. Opaque lenses are non-transparent and come in various shades such as grey, purple, blue, and green.

Theatrical/Novelty Lenses

For a color to set you apart from the bunch, experimentation is definitely necessary. Theatrical contacts are similar to opaque contacts in that they are non-translucent. These contacts give a dramatic effect and are meant to transform into a novel look for photoshoots, parties, or theatrical show. Special effect contacts that have been FDA approved are safe for your eyes and still require proper contact lens care.


Air Optix Colors (1-month)

Alcon’s Air Optix Colors contact lenses are are one of the most breathable options you can choose from. Air Optix lenses are offered with or without vision correction and work for light and dark eyes. These contacts are extremely comfortable and require replacement every 30 days.

FreshLook Color (2-weeks)

If you’re looking for a full palette of colors, FreshLook offers a wide selection. Another Alcon brand, the FreshLook lines include ColorBlends, Colors, and Dimensions. These contacts require proper cleaning and storage and last up to two weeks. FreshLook also offers Colorblends Toric to correct for astigmatism and 1-Day contact lenses so you can change your eye color every day.

Coopervision Expressions (1-month)

CooperVision, a family brand, offers color contact in their Expressions Colors line in eight different colors. These come with or without vision correction and prescription. Coopervision Expressions lenses require replacement every 30 days.

Acuvue (1-day)

Acuvue offers 1-Day Acuvue color contacts in their line 1-Day Acuvue Define. These lenses are subtle and give your natural eye a boost of color. These come with correction for near and farsighted prescriptions in 30 or 90 day packs. Define contact lenses are also UV protected which is always a plus. Their other lines include Acuvue Natural Sparkle (brightens light eyes), Natural Shimmer (highlights medium eyes), and Natural Shine (adds contrast to dark eyes).


Whether you want a subtle change, something to stand out on Halloween, or improve your game, color contacts are available in both prescription and non-prescription form. Although it may be tempting to share your colored lenses with your friends, never swap used lenses. This can lead to eye infections and vision threatening diseases. Color contacts should be properly cleaned, rinsed, disinfected, and stored. Always make sure your contact lenses are FDA approved and safe to wear. Remember, these are your eyes. Don’t lose sight of your vision.

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