Best Vet Approved Dog Food

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How We Found the Best Vet-Approved Dog Food

  • 15 dog food delivery services researched
  • 7 dog food delivery services evaluated
  • 3 top picks

We evaluated across these categories. Here’s what we focused on:

  1. Vet Approval Process
  2. Ethical Sourcing and Food Process
  3. Ordering Experience
  4. Scheduling Flexibility
  5. Recipe Variety and Taste
  6. Price and Discounts
  7. Instructions and Ease of Serving
  8. Shipping, Packaging, and Storage

The Best Vet-Approved Dog Food

If you’re a pet parent, you know how important diet is to your pup’s health. There are a lot of options out there, and it’s important to know that what you’re feeding your pup meets your own standards (along AFCO and USDA standards). That’s why we eliminated all dog food companies that did not meet the standards of both the Food & Drug Administration and the Association of American Feed Control Officials. As dog food manufacturers aren’t required to be FDA approved, we also wanted to make sure all nutritional formulas were complete and balanced. Following their strict regulations to ensure that all commercial animal food is “safe, properly manufactured, and properly labeled.” We focused on 15 top pet food companies that offer only the best quality meals without additives, chemicals, or preservatives. Here’s who IE picked as the best vet-approved dog food of 2019.

Our Finalists:

  • The Farmer’s Dog
  • Nom Nom Now
  • Ollie
  • Pet Plate
  • Pure Dog Food
  • Raw Wild
  • Balanced Blends

Best vet-approved dog food: Ollie

Why we chose it

Vet Approval Process

The number one reason we chose Ollie is because of how closely they work with vets to ensure the quality of their dog food. Ollie collaborates with veterinarians with nutritional expertise to ensure all their recipes are complete and balanced. You can rest assured that your dog is getting all the nutrients they need to live a long and happy life thanks to Ollie’s specialized team of vets working behind the scenes develop Ollie’s recipes. Ollie even uses a proprietary algorithm developed by vets to help determine the exact number of calories you should be feeding your pup each day.

Ethical Sourcing and Food Process

Ollie’s formula is formulated by a team of specialized veterinarians and handmade in small batches in a USDA certified facility. Cooked with a kettle cooker at low temperatures for maximum nutrition and freshness, Ollie’s dog food is then sent to third-party testers, who check for taste and quality. Ollie makes sure all your dog’s individual needs are being catered to in their personal dog quiz where Ollie asks about breed, weight, activity, and allergies. The variety of recipes Ollie (Healthy Turkey Feast, Hearty Beef Eats, Chicken Goodness, and Tasty Lamb Fare) list protein as their first ingredient. Ollie also offers a 100% money-back guarantee.

Cost Effective and Deep Discount

Dog food delivery services are expensive because meals are made with fresh ingredients and customized to your individual dog. However, we found Ollie dog food offers one of the lowest meal delivery service prices as well as the best discount for new customers, with 20% off your first box (Our readers get 50% off through this link for a limited time only). Ollie starts at only $3 a day for small dogs (and $10 a day for larger ones) and gives the option to either supplement or replace your dog’s current diet.

Instructions and Ease of Serving

Ollie’s convenient packaging makes serving your pup perfectly portioned meals a no brainer. Ollie’s custom portion scooper makes getting your dog’s serving size perfect every time. Unlike other companies that use a squeezable pouch, our pet parents preferred the handy scooper every time.

Convenient Packaging and Storage

Ollie’s dog food ships for free and is delivered in recyclable packaging that makes storage compact. Unlike squishy food bags that make storage difficult, Ollie’s resealable plastic trays make it easy to store leftovers with any mess. Great for people who travel often or need flexible delivery options, Ollie’s website is user-friendly to navigate and plan meals around busy schedules.

Probiotics for Ease of Transition

Transitioning your dog to a new brand of dog food can be difficult, especially if they’ve never eaten real, whole ingredients before. Only Ollie offers a free probiotic pack to help your dog’s shift to a higher-quality diet. The probiotics ensure your dog’s smooth transition at no additional cost.

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