Stock up on long sleeves with the brand GQ calls “the only shirt worth wearing.”


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Fall is here, so you know what that means: long sleeve season. Flannels have their place, but here at Insider Envy, we like to keep our minimalist style running all-year round. Enter Cuts, the brand GQ has called “the only shirt worth wearing.”

We tried them out ourselves to see what the big deal was.

First thing’s first: the hype checks out.

Sounds like a simple concept but let’s be real–it’s actually really difficult to find a fall-friendly shirt that’s suitable for dressing up and down for all occasions. Founder Steven Borrelli set out to craft the perfect all-purpose shirt, and he succeeded. Read more about their story here.

Here’s why we agree with GQ that Cuts shirts are the only ones worth wearing this season:

Comfortable and stylish ✅ The Cuts shirt is made to be able to keep up with the spontaneous demands of a modern man’s life. With a Cuts shirt, you can transition seamlessly and confidently from chilling at home to a work video call to a date night. Their tailored fit makes them great for a base layer as well. No matter the occasion, you’ll definitely be rocking cool, modern vibes with your Cuts shirt.

Fit options ✅ There’s a Cut for everyone because of their different collar and hem combination. They have four different collar designs: a standard crew, v-neck, henley, or polo. Then you can also pick the length of your bottom cut: curved, split, or elongated. If you’ve never picked your hem before, take it from us -the right length makes a huge difference in how the shirt will feel and fit. We love the attention to detail here. Our personal favorite: the long sleeve crew curve in mountain mist.

Durable & high quality ✅ You definitely get more than you pay for in quality with a Cuts shirt. They’ve developed their own special PYCA™ fabric blend that has everything you want in a staple shirt: maximum comfort and minimal maintenance. Cuts will make you wonder why you ever settled for anything less than their buttery soft, breathable shirts that are also wrinkle-free for low fuss care.

And you don’t need to be afraid of wearing out your shirts–these shirts retain their color and don’t have any pilling problems.

We love the timeless, minimalist style of the Cuts shirt and definitely stand behind GQ’s review that it’s the “only shirt worth wearing.”

And here’s the best part – Cuts’ best sale of the year is going on right now: 30% off sitewide! Now you can get one (or two or three) without breaking the bank like with some other designer brands. And even more good news? Cuts’ line of clothes has recently expanded to include other fall staples, like hoodie sweatshirts and long sleeve hooded tee shirts.

After trying your first Cut, you’ll definitely consider phasing out all your other clothes to make room for some more in your closet.

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by Insider Envy Staff

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