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Biofinity is a popular brand of contacts that are manufactured by CooperVision. CooperVision, started in 1980, is one of the world’s leading contact manufacturers. CooperVision operates in over 100 countries, making their contacts easily accessible no matter where you are traveling.

CooperVision’s Biofinity family of contacts includes five popular products—these are:

  • Biofinity
  • Biofinity Energys
  • Biofinity Multifocal
  • Biofinity Toric
  • Biofinity XR


Biofininty, in general, is for creating luxury, higher-end contacts. This makes them a solid choice anyone who has a diagnosis that is on either the light or heavy side of the visual spectrum as with a higher cost comes higher quality and customization for more severe issues.

Biofinity Reviews Analyzed:

The following table looks at several popular Biofinity reviews by model on We decided to use for this analysis because of the number of reviews available and the credibility that their reviews are known to have.

Biofinity   Biofinity Toric Biofinity







36 35 0 31
Average Score 5 Stars 5 Stars 5 Stars
5 Star Reviews  






1 Star Reviews  






Biofinity’s five available options are available at Simple Contacts, which provides online subscriptions delivered to your door. Simple Contacts including brands like Acuvue, Air OptixAvaira VitalityBiofinityBiomedicsBiotrue ONEdayClariti 1 DayDAILIESFreshlookProclear,PurevisionSofLens, and ULTRA. Despite only having five options, each contact specializes in correcting one eye issue, which makes Biofinity an effective solution if you suffer from that specific issue.

The large number of positive reviews for Biofinity contacts also indicates the quality and effectiveness of their contacts.

While not easy to identify within all the positive reviews on this chart, there are two different complaints people have about the Biofinity brand.

The first issue is that some reviewers find that Biofinity contacts are difficult to insert into the eye, or once it was inserted, the contact was hard to take out. This is due to the thinness of the contact, which is also a benefit. For most people, this challenge decreases over time; however, if you are someone who absolutely despises removing contacts, this might not be the brand for you.

The second issue some customers complained about is that the soft contacts will break or tear, upon insertion, again due to their thinness. This isn’t dangerous, but it can be painful and make the contact even more difficult to remove.

Biofinity Contact Lens Prices:

See the graph below to understand the annual prices of different Biofinity contacts:

Biofinity Features:

Biofinity is at the top of the field when it comes to providing patients with crisp, clear vision, while keeping your eyes hydrated. Here are some the features that make Biofinity a fan favorite:

Aquafoam Technology:

Aquafoam Technology is the perfect blend of safety and comfort, to keep the wearer’s eyes hydrated, while the soft, highly oxygenated lens provides a safe and lasting veil of comfort.

This technology doesn’t simply keep eyes moistened and protected from the lenses themselves, however. It is also essential for protecting the eye from outside debris and helping to focus light and a higher resolution, giving the wearer a sense of clarity, they have never experienced before.

Digital Zone Optics:

Digital Zone Optics is inherent within the Biofinity Energy contacts. This technology helps the eyes of those that wear their contacts for long periods of time to adapt to changing conditions, lighting and distances without issue.

With the integration of digital devices into our daily lives, having a contact lens that is specifically designed to combat the different types of strain people put our eyes through on a daily basis is extremely useful for correcting vision and increasing the longevity of a healthy eye, it is also a confidence booster; assuring contact wearers that no matter what happens, they will have uninterrupted clarity and comfort.

Balanced Progressive™ Technology

Balanced Progressive Technology helps to sharpen multifocal lenses. Sight is an intricate balance between light, distance, and clarity. The technology inherent in these Biofinity lenses are created to help balance those factors, with multiple zones of vision correction placed throughout both lenses. This allows the lenses to work simultaneously to create natural, seamless vision.

This technology is used to correct the diagnosed with presbyopia. Presbyopia is generally associated with aging, usually affecting people between the ages of forty and fifty.

It is a difficult issue to have, especially the earlier the patient is in life, but with the Balanced Progressive™ Technology, in combination with the aforementioned, Aquafoam Technology, wearers can have the ability to regain uninterrupted vision that lasts all day long.


Biofinity is a fantastic choice when it comes to contacts. They are more expensive than other brands, but for the extra cost, you get a trusted brand that has invested in a super well hydrated and high-quality contact, in particular, if you suffer from myopia or astigmatism.

Their contacts are thin and can be hard to insert, but are well loved by those who don’t mind this. They also are a global brand available everywhere so ideal for the traveler. If you are interested in purchasing Biofinity lenses, check out Simple Contacts, an online contact lens retailer that emphasizes convenience and affordability.

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