Three Reasons Why We Love Blenders


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Here at Insider Envy, we are obsessed with Blenders, an eyewear brand for people looking for high-quality, polarized lenses. We’ve swapped our Ray-Bans for Blenders and could not be happier. Plus, we got the inside scoop that Blenders just put some of their hottest frames back in stock!

If you’re looking to snag some fun new sunnies for Summer, look no further than Blenders’ Rosemary Beach shades. Just restocked, these are some of our absolute favorites, featuring polarized lavender lenses, cute purple tortoiseshell frames and an unbelievable price at just $48!

Still not convinced? Check out three reasons we love Blenders below!

1. The Quality

Looking for high-quality lenses? It doesn’t get any better than this. Blenders lenses are UV400 protection, which is the highest level of protection your lenses can get. The frames are made out of extremely lightweight and durable polycarbonate composite. They’re super comfortable, and you’ll never have to worry about your sunglasses losing their shape.

All Blenders, except for the Halo and Hexagram collections, are made with polarized lenses. These lenses neutralize the glare you experience due to reflection of light from objects like swimming pools to even the hood of a car.

2. The Price Point

With such stellar quality, you’d expect Blenders to be in the triple-digit price range, like Ray-Ban and Maui Jim. These sunglasses run from just $20 to $60. Almost all of their sunglasses, except one or two, are polarized. $60 tops for polarized sunglasses? I’ll take it. 

It gets better: use code “Get15” when you check out for a discount on your eyeballs’ new best friend.

3. The Designs:

It blows my mind that everyone on the Insider Envy team has a different pair of Blenders. There are so many different styles of sunglasses, there’s really something for everyone. Blenders understands that it’s important to look stylish and to express yourself through your eyewear. They’re perfect for any occasion, from outdoor weddings to music festivals. This brand knows its designs.

With high-quality, reasonable price, and incredible design, it’s easy to see why we’ve all found our perfect pair of Blenders. (Okay, fine, we’ll admit it: we have multiple pairs). Check out the Blenders site here, make sure to use code GET15 for 15% off, and find your perfect pair too!

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