Having trouble finding cheap, high quality dog food? Here’s why you should try Nom Nom!

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The Dangers Of Traditional Dog Food

In the past few years, there’s been a lot of growth in the world of dog food. For a long time, commercially made dry and wet dog food were the only options for dog owners. Easy-to-buy and cheap, this packaged and preserved food, sold in bags and cans to prolong shelf life, was the most popular option for dog owners. 

However, when you feed your dog commercially made dog food, it’s like feeding them fast food – but worse. The substandard processes and ingredients used to make this food could result in a host of health issues for your dog: lethargy, allergies, hair loss, heart disease, diabetes, early aging, cancer. 

The Solution: Nom Nom

Nom Nom is a dog food delivery service with a focus on recipes developed by their in-house veterinary nutritionists, Dr. Justin Shmalberg and Dr. Caitlyn Getty, that are made of fresh, whole, and natural ingredients. Nom Nom is obsessed with providing your fluffy friend with the right food to improve health conditions like allergies, gastrointestinal issues, behavioral problems, and weight loss. This food is made just days before it arrives at your doorstep, ensuring the freshest food possible for your dog. All ingredients are grown in the U.S. and approved for human consumption by the USDA. Using an algorithm developed by Dr. Shamlberg and Dr. Getty, your dog will receive a meal plan that’s personalized for them. The best thing about NomNom? It’s one of the cheapest ways to get fresh, nutritious, customizable dog food sent straight to your door!

How Much Does Nom Nom Cost?

As you’ll see below, for all the dog sizes we tested in our research, we found that Nom Nom clocked in as an excellent low-cost option in every instance! 

In each of these scenarios, you’d get 2 weeks of delicious, pre-portioned, fresh dog food for the listed price. Here are the results:

Dog Size Dog Weight Tested NomNom Price
Small 9 pounds $41.28 plus tax
Medium 40 pounds $91.47 plus tax
Large 100 pounds $165.28 plus tax

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