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Contact lenses come in combinations of material, power, diameter, and curvature making buying contacts no easy task. With the various companies offering a multitude of contact brand selections including new entrants like Hubble Contacts, it can be tough to distinguish which is the most cost-effective choice. Luckily, online shopping gives you the luxury to take your time and compare costs from the comfort of your own home. Contact lens companies often allow easy entry of prescription and insurance information in one quick navigable form. With a few clicks, you can have your contacts delivered to your front doorstep in no time.

Here is an official guide of the top online contact lens vendors to help you find the one that serves your eyes, wallet, and conscience best.

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The convenience of buying contacts online can burden you with questions like which website holds the best value. Ease your mind and let us do the research for you. Always make sure you’re buying from an accredited source as you want to make sure your contacts are FDA approved and that you can continue to trust making purchases in the future from the company.

Follow our checklist to avoid sketchy and untrustworthy companies to find that robust and reliable site.

Does the Company have customer service and what’s the return policy?

In the case that you need to return your purchase or resolve an issue, make sure the company will accept unopened boxes for credit. Reputable website will always have rules and regulations in place that ensure your customer satisfaction.

Is the process secure? Can you trust the company with your information?

Identity theft is a pain and it’s even more hurtful when you walk right into someone else’s mischievous trap. If you’ve never heard of the company or read bad reviews online about the company, it’s probably a good idea to step away. Make sure the url of the site begins with ‘https://’ rather than ‘http://’ to indicate the page’s secureness. Check the ‘About Us’ page and make sure the site provides solid information.

Does the company accept telephone orders and when will your order ship?

Companies that take orders by phone are most likely one person behind a computer. Make sure that the company has definite products in stock to be readily shipped once they’ve verified your prescription.

Price Comparison Websites

Price comparison websites can only go so far as the price per box does not reflect the price per day as contacts can be worn for various lengths of time from different brands. Higher volumes and longer subscription purchases can also lower price. Shipping and rebates are also not calculated in the price reflected on these websites.

Our safe & recommended sites

These websites are our top choices for ordering contacts online. Companies like Hubble Contacts pass our checklist with flying colors. To ensure easy purchase, have your prescription, shipping address, insurance, and credit card information handy.

Contacts Direct is also a strong site to purchase contacts. They are an authorized retailer of all brands of contact lenses and similar to 1-800-Contacts accept many forms of insurance.


All in all buying contacts online can be a sticky jar to dip into. However with the right guidelines and direction, you’ll be sure to find a keeper. For help calculating and comparing prices and value check out our guide on how to compare prices online.

Looking for affordable contacts? Affordable prices, full transparency, and amazing customer reviews, Hubble Contacts offers the simplest way to buy contact lenses online.

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