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Clariti, similar to ClearSight, is a daily contact lens product, made by CooperVision. CooperVision has been a global leader in creating high-quality contacts since 1980.

Clariti is a family of daily contact lenses with three options under the brand family:

Clariti 1 Day (their standard daily)

Clariti 1 Day Multifocal (their mutlifocal option for people with presbyopia)

Clariti 1 Day Toric (their toric option for people with astigmatism, also available in a box of 90 daily lenses)

Clariti is one of CooperVision’s newest and most high-end brands. Clariti is advertised extensively throughout the CooperVision site and CooperVision is quick to note the awards Clariti has won (including Contact Lens Product of the Year in 2012 for their Toric lens) as well as to highlight the technologies that make Clariti so special.

Clariti Reviews Analyzed:

The following table looks at several popular Clariti reviews, citing an average of the reviews that were found. Sites used to create this aggregate include VisionDirect, ContactLensKing, Google, and more.

Clariti 1 Day Clariti 1 Day Multifocal Clariti 1 Day Toric
Total Reviews 47 84
Average Score 4.9 Stars  

4.7 Stars
Total 5 Star Reviews  






Total 1 Star Reviews  






In general, the reviews are very positive for Clariti. People love the fit and comfort of these daily lenses, with the most common complaint being the price. These are clearly a high-end prodcut that has been invested in heavily by CooperVision. The reuslts show and most people go home happy, assuming they can afford the offering.

To get a sense of the price, a 30-pack of Clariti’s standard 1-day lens, gives you 45-pairs of contacts for $54.00 on Simple Contacts.

With Clariti, quality is not an issue, but price might be. Here are what some of the reviewers said:


“Clariti 1 day lenses are the best daily disposable lenses I have tried, very comfortable wearing long days, eyes do not dry up as much and these do not tear as easily as cheaper lenses. Also less frequent infections. Very happy indeed!”

“I recently changed over to Clariti 1 day lenses as recommended by my optician and have found them to be very comfortable for all day wear without drying out. This lens was slightly thicker than my old lens as it’s a more breathable product and I have adjusted to it with no issues. Highly recommended. ”


This person re-iterates that the lenses are good, but expensive.

“These are the first type of harder lenses I’ve tried and I’m really happy with them. Much better than other similar brands. A little bit more expensive, but worth the money.”

Below is a short review, but one of a few people that does complain about comfort (or dryness) with Clariti. While the vast majority of people love the comfort, not everyone does, so this is a good reminder to try for yourself and see if you find them more comfortable than other brands. Furthermore, some people found the comfort the same as with other less expensive brands, so not worth the extra money.

“Good but not really comfortable.”

Clariti Contact Lens Prices:

Below is a chart that details the annualized prices of all of Clariti’s contact lens offerings:

Clariti Features:

Somofilcon A:

Somofilcon A, or what is more commonly known as Silicone Hydrogel, is seen as a breakthrough in the contact lens field. This material is not only more comfortable for the wearer, but also healthier for the eye. Silicone Hydrogel creates a highly “breathable” lens, due to a greater influx of oxygen to the eye than other contacts in the daily-wear category. This feature produces whiter, brighter, eyes, without changing the wearer’s eye color.

This material is also responsible for keeping eyes healthy and spry. In addition to allowing proper oxygen flow through the contact, to the cornea, the hydro portion of this material is strong enough to keep eyes moist all day.

Clairti is the only brand of daily-wear contacts that utilize Somofilcon A currently. 

UVA/UVB Protection:

Clariti boasts ninety-eight percent UVA protection and seventy-eight percent UVB protection, which is near the top of the industry. This leading combination of UV protection means your eyes will stay safe even if you are out for a long period of time.

However, keep in mind that the contact does not cover the entire eye and therefore, it is still a good idea to wear sunglasses when being out in heavy sun, like at the beach, or during an all-day hike.

AquaGen™ Technology:

When the Silicone Hydrogel is combined with AquaGen™ Technology, the result is one of the most hydrated contacts of all time. AquaGen™ Technology works by putting the contact lenses through a process that helps them attract water molecules and bind them together to create a second line of defense against dry and itchy eyes.

WetLoc® Technology:

With all the serious hydration going on, the WetLoc® Technology is tasked with working with the aforementioned AquaGen™ Technology to continuously bind water molecules in a manner that creates a comfortable, yet lasting wall of hydration, which further helps fight against dryness.

As a result, these technologies ward off tired and discontent eyes, regardless of what adventure the day takes you on.


Clariti is typically billed as the most high-end daily contact lens brand. Between the multiple hydration technologies offered by Clariti contacts, the use of Silicone Hydrogel, and the use of extra UV protection, Clariti offers a fantastic line of contacts.

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