ClearSight Brand Review


ClearSight is a daily contact lens offered by CooperVision. CooperVision, which launched in the United States in 1980 is now one of the largest contact lens brands, operating in over 100 countries.

Clearsight offers both a standard daily disposable lens as well as a toric daily lens. We’ll dig into both products and the Clearsight brand more below.

ClearSight Reviews Analyzed:

The following table looks at ClearSight reviews by model on We decided to use for this analysis because of the number of reviews and the credibility of the site. Let’s dig in:

ClearSight 1 Day ClearSight 1 Day Toric
Total Reviews 31 6
Average Rating 4.5 Stars 4.8 Stars
Total 5 Star Reviews 22 5
Total 1 Star Reviews 0 0

First, it is worth noting that ClearSight has far less total reviews than other daily contact lens brands. ClearSight is not as established big daily brands like Acuvue and Dailies.

Still, it is not worth ruling ClearSight out. What reviews ClearSight does have are generally positive with 22/31 5-start reviews for their standard daily offering and 5/6 5-star reviews for their toric offering.

ClearSight is less expensive than some competitors, charging just $38 for 45 pairs of contacts. The low price means that ClearSight might be for you if you like CooperVision and ClearSight’s contacts.

That said, when looking at the lower star reviews for ClearSight, you see that some customers feel this lower price comes with a cost.

One customer from Walgreens said this, “These contacts are cheap. They hurt my eyes and were noticeable for the whole day. Dry and didn’t retain moisture. Had to take them out by 4 pm.”

A 3-star reviewer re-iterated this point, calling them an “ok” overall choice. This person said, “A pretty good one-a-day contact. They are reasonably priced and comfortable for daily usage. After extended wear, they do feel a little dry.”

This seems to be the crux of the choice for ClearSight. If your eyes are not sensitive but your wallet is, than they might be a good choice. ClearSights offers a good-enough contact, at a really good price. If your eyes are more sensitive, however, we recommend you look elsewhere.

ClearSight Features:

Here are some the features that make ClearSight different and a solid all around daily contact lens:

Built-In UV protection:

The biggest draw to all ClearSight contacts is that they are fortified with built-in UV protection.

While other dailies offer this, it is a nice feature to have for a contact that is this cheap.

Sleek Design

The thin design of the ClearSight contact brand helps make these contacts extremely comfortable. Additionally, the light tint that is applied to the design will help when inserting the contacts but will not affect the color of your eye once it is inserted.

This is a relatively basic feature, but a good one none the less.

Six o’ Clock Lock:

The six o’ clock lock feature allows the contact to stay securely in place, despite whatever activities you do throughout the day. Both the toric and standard ClearSight contact are equipped with this feature, which makes them a solid choice even for athletes or other active people.

The contact might not be the crispest or the most hydrated, but if you don’t need top of the line, the fact that it stays secure in your eye all day long is a plus.


This last feature is not unique to ClearSight but to daily-wear contacts in general. Daily wear contacts are far more hygienic than weekly or monthly, options. Replacing your contacts every day makes it difficult for foreign bacteria to grow, which while rare, is the cause of most eye infections.


ClearSight is a good all-around option from one of the world’s top contact lens brands. If your eyes aren’t hypersensitive and you want a good quality daily brand that doesn’t bust your wallet, give ClearSight a shot and see if it works for you.

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