Comparing Online Prices


After you’ve narrowed your search down to a couple trustworthy websites of choice, evaluating which company offers the best economical choice can be a tricky pickle. Take time to use our systematic price check guidelines to get the most bang for your buck.

How Much Per Day

You’ll want to make sure you’re comparing the right figures. Contacts need to be calculated by a cost per day. In order to distinguish which contact lens package is cheapest, divide the total number of days your package offers with the total cost of the supply. Don’t forget to adjust for extraneous costs as mentioned below such as solutions.

Total Cost & Indirect Costs

Contact lens prices alone can mislead you to purchasing a more expensive deal. Don’t forget to figure in shipping and handling fees which vary from site to site. Also if you’re purchasing extended wear lenses, consider costs of solution for proper storage and care. Solution costs can get pricey so consider switching to dailies for more convenience.

Larger is sometimes better

Buying in bulk often holds savings, but make sure you really enjoy your lenses before committing to your purchase. Sometimes you can purchase an extra case of lenses to meet a site’s minimum shipping requirement. Although larger quantities often offer cheaper prices per quantity sold, lenses do expire so make sure you wear and discard them in a timely matter.


Rebates are a refund from contact lens manufacturers. You can save money for each box of lenses purchased from certain manufacturers who offer this rebate. Online websites usually have several ways to submit a rebate either through an official rebate form, telephone, or mail. After you make your purchase, visit the company’s rebates page and mail in certificate with your order number to get maximum amount of savings.


Vision companies accept various vision insurance plans so have your insurance information on deck when purchasing your contacts. Most vision online sites will have an easy form to fill out underneath your account information or at checkout. Filing claims can be a hassle, so let your contact lens company do the work for you. After registering your benefits, the site will deduct the balance from your cart and file the claim to your insurance company. If your insurance is not accepted by the company, you can always apply for out of network benefits.

Why not save more money? You’ll be glad you did your research.

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