Contact Lenses and Makeup


It’s true. Contact lens deaths are real. Less dramatically, infection and lens destroyal is a common affliction of makeup users all over the globe. Waking up and getting ready in the morning is a struggle as it is. Don’t make your day any more harder by waking up with pink-eye or accidentally scratching lenses with mascara and ruining them.

Below we’ll go over tips and tricks on how to apply make-up with contacts. If you find yourself consistently ruining lenses with swabs of mascara or eye makeup consider switching to a daily disposable brand like Acuvue to save money and improve your eye hygiene.

Before Makeup

Always insert your lenses before applying makeup. Wash your hands with antibacterial soap and dry completely with a clean towel. Avoid using any oils, lotions, or creams as these materials can easily transfer onto lenses. If your eyes are swollen, red, or infected it’s best to wear glasses and avoid contacts and makeup altogether.

Apply hairspray, deodorant, cologne, or any aerosols before putting on lenses or keep eyes tightly closed until the spray has settles.


Only apply cosmetics after lens insertion. Apply makeup carefully to avoid damaging lenses. Some brands offer eye-friendly products such as Bareminerals and Almay so consider using non-allergenic makeup free of oils and fragrances. Make sure to replace your eye products regularly every 3-6 months to avoid infection

When applying, carefully apply makeup on the outer lid of your eyes – never the inside. Applying eyeliner between lashes and eye block glands and can lead to styes – yuck! Dirty lenses and dry eyes are also common results. The only things between your makeup and your eyes should be your eyelashes.

Cream eye makeup is less likely to reach your eye, however can be extremely irritable if even a speck makes it through. Powder should be applied with eyes closed and excess powder brushed off before opening the eyes. If any makeup reaches your lenses, wash your hands and clean your lenses right away. You might be tempted to use your saliva to fix your makeup but this should be avoided. Instead, invest in lid wipes to remove any residue from makeup.

Sharing contacts or cosmetics is also a big no-no. Be careful of heat exposure as well as aerosols entering your eyes.


Always remove your contacts before removing makeup. Removing makeup while lenses are still in can be dangerous and abrasive to your lenses as well as your eyes.

You won’t want makeup or any oils to enter your eyes at any cost so make sure to wash and dry your hands before removing your contacts. When removing lenses, be careful not to let your lens come into any contact with your makeup. After removal continue with your usual regimen. If possible, make sure to use a hypoallergenic remover that is oil-free.

Smell Your Makeup

Makeup that smells funny is old and should be discarded. Bacteria tends to build up in these bad guys and can cause infection. If your mascara is clumpy, don’t risk getting one of those particles in your eye. Opt for mascara that does not include fibre.

Invest in Dailies

Daily disposable lenses like Acuvue can decrease symptoms of dry eyes and conjunctivitis for daily makeup wearers. Simplify your daily routine with 1-day lenses and eliminate bacterial contamination. If dailies are not an option for you, cleaning must be taken with the utmost seriousness. Click here for proper care of extended wear lenses.

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