Cooking For One Sucks


When it comes to cooking, it could not get any more difficult than cooking for one. The time it takes to cook for one person – with shopping, prep, cooking and cleaning up – results in more work than the meal is worth. Grocery shopping leads to spending an excess amount of money on a surplus of food that ends up going bad. Meal prepping makes grocery shopping even more difficult, since recipes are usually for two to four people. These options can leave you with too much food, not enough food, and, likely, a hole in your wallet.

Unfortunately, the “easier” alternatives to cooking aren’t much better. Takeout takes forever and is expensive. Frozen meals don’t offer nearly the nutritional value that fresh meals do. Overall, the options for cooking-for-one are the equivalent of running into a wall over and over again. But there’s a new solution that makes cooking for one way better: Tovala.


We’re so happy we found Tovala because it is the most convenient (and delicious!) way to cook for one. Tovala is a smart oven and fresh meal delivery service. Each week, you’ll be sent a rotating menu with options including beef, pork, chicken, fish, and veggie entrées. These recipes have been crafted by professional chefs and are made with fresh, raw, and real ingredients. You can order from three to 16 meals a week, at just $11.99 per meal, with menu options including BBQ chicken with mac & cheese, miso glazed salmon with lime ginger roasted broccoli, pesto chicken and vegetable grain bowl.

Your meals will arrive at your door, fresh and ready to cook. All meals take one minute of prep work, with no washing nor chopping required. Each meal includes a meal card with a barcode on it. Tovala’s oven includes a built-in scanner, so that when you scan your meal’s barcode, Tovala can automatically go to work cooking your food in 20 minutes or less. (Think about that growing pile of laundry you could tackle with that extra 20 minutes of free time). With Tovala’s smart oven technology, your meals will come out perfectly every time. The Tovala chefs do all of the work of prepping the meals, and the smart oven picks up where they leave off, cooking your meals exactly as the chefs intended. All you have to do is scan a barcode! You can also use the oven to cook your own recipes and Scan-to-Cook hundred of brand name grocery products.  After you’re finished eating, you’ll have minimal cleanup required, since there won’t be any dirty pots and pans you’ll have to deal with. 

With Tovala, you can say goodbye to hours of meal prep, cooking, cleaning, and wasted money. You’ll be eating home-cooked meals, without any of the typical work involved. Cooking for one has never been easier.

Ready to try Tovala? Get $100 off your Tovala smart oven if you buy today!

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