Why Dailies are the Only Contacts for My Lifestyle


When I first started wearing contacts, I couldn’t get anything right. I put my contact prescribed for my left eye in my right eye, flipped my contacts inside out, and worst of all, I was wearing monthly contacts instead of dailies. You’re probably thinking, what’s the difference, right? Wrong! The type of contacts you wear can have a major difference on your lifestyle. For my life, dailies were the only option, and my  sends them right to my door for super cheap.

Still not convinced? Let me explain why dailies are the only contacts for me.

1. I’m On-The-Go

Between traveling for work and visiting my long distance boyfriend, I’m constantly on the move. I need contacts that can keep up. As I’m rushing to the train station or airport, I can just grab enough Hubble dailies to last me for the trip and I’m off. Plus, no more contact solution spilling in my carry on!

2. Life is Unpredictable

As a New Yorker, every day in the city is completely different. What I thought would be a low key night can end up with me out until 5am in Brooklyn, crashing on a friend’s couch. For those crazy nights I absolutely need daily contacts. If I end up not coming home for a night, I can just toss out my dailies and get a new pair the next day. With monthly contacts, I’d have to make the late night trek home (and probably spend $50 on an Uber) just to put my contacts in their case.

3. Tbh…I’m Just Lazy

Picture this: you get home from a long day of work, throw on your pajamas, and immediately get under the covers. But as you begin to shut your eyes, you realize with dread that you still have your contacts in. Lucky for me, with dailies I can just toss my contacts into the trash can without even moving from my bed. With monthly contacts I’d have to get out from the warm covers and back to the bathroom, which just isn’t happening.

Dailies are the only contacts that can keep up with my lifestyle

In the end, I found that Hubble Dailies were the contacts for me — and anyone else with a busy lifestyle. Worrying about my contacts are now in the past!

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