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Dailies brand contacts are a product produced by Alcon, which is a division of Novartis, one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the world. Alcon launched the Dailies brand in 1986, making them one of the oldest most established daily contact brands on the market. I guess you could call Dailies the OG of the daily contact lens.

In this way, Dailies brand contacts are quite different from new entrants like Clearsight. Dailies has numerous brand offerings ranging from Dailies Total 1, water gradient contacts, to their more specific Dailies Multifocal Aquacomfort Plus with Multifocal lenses. Dailies can be bought anywhere that sells contacts from online retailers like Simple Contacts to brick and mortar Walmart locations.

Dailies offers a few different options for customers: “DAILIES TOTAL1®Water Gradient contact lenses,” “DAILIES TOTAL1®Multifocal Contact Lenses,” “DAILIES®AquaComfort Plus® Contact Lenses,” “DAILIES®AquaComfort Plus®Toric Contact Lenses,” and “DAILIES®AquaComfort Plus®Multifocal Contact Lenses.” You can buy Dailies contacts for a discount here.

Now let’s dig a bit deeper into Dailies to see what makes them unique.

Dailies Contact Lens Reviews, Analyzed:

The following table looks at several popular Dailies contact lens reviews by model on Lens.com. We decided to use Lens.com for this analysis because of the number of reviews available and the credibility that their reviews are known to have.

Dailies Contact Lens Prices:

Below is a chart of the annual price of different Dailies’ contact lens’ currently on the market:

Dailies Contact Lens Features:

Dailies, being built by one of the largest contact lens manufacturers in the world, is guaranteed to contain some advanced technology via hefty R&D efforts. Here are a few of those features that make the brand stand out.

Most notably, DAILIES® AquaComfort Plus® contact lenses have a unique moisturizing ingredient that is released from inside the lens, every time you blink. That means your DAILIES® AquaComfort Plus® contact lenses are lubricated continuously, providing outstanding “wettability” for sustained comfort throughout your day. No other contact lens brand has this feature, a major selling point for Dailies.

Another unique feature is that all DAILIES® brand contact lenses are made with an incredibly thin edge for extra comfort both when you put them on and during wear. This is perfect for those who feel uncomfortable putting in and taking out contacts.

Dailies Contact Lens Offerings:

DAILIES TOTAL1®Water Gradient contact lenses

These are Dailies’ most commonly purchased contact lens product. They are a generalist, working for individuals who have healthy eyes but need corrective vision. These contacts are recommended for anyone who wants exceptional comfort, all day long, and for anyone who wants highly breathable contacts and already has moderately healthy eyes.

DAILIES TOTAL1®Multifocal Contact Lenses

Dailies’ Total1 multifocal contacts are specifically designed to balance the effects of presbyopia. They use Dailies’ “Unique Precision Profile Design” to ensure seamless vision up close, far-away, and in between. Furthermore, these contacts use Dailies’ Water Gradient technology to add comfort that lasts throughout the day.

DAILIES®AquaComfort Plus® Contact Lenses

These are Dailies’ other contacts designed for people who have generally healthy eyes and simply need corrected vision. These contacts use Dailies special blink technology, which adds extra moisture and comfort with every blink. These contacts are also perfect for individuals who dislike cleaning their contacts, as the added moisture means your contacts stay perfectly clean and comfortable with little to no effort.

DAILIES®AquaComfort Plus®Toric Contact Lenses

These contacts from Dailies are perfect for anyone dealing with astigmatism and wanting a daily lens. They are designed for consistent, clear vision and comfort all day. They utilize Dailies’ unique blink technology to add moisture to your lens through the day, and their toric design means they provide exceptional vision for those who need it.

DAILIES®AquaComfort Plus®Multifocal Contact Lenses

DAILIES® AquaComfort Plus® Multifocal contact lenses might be the ultimate contact for anyone suffering from presbyopia. They combine Dailies’ Precision Profile design for clear vision and their unique blink-activated moisture for refreshing comfort all day. This is a fantastic contact for anyone who has presbyopia and it is looking for a daily lens.

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