Power Season 6 Episode 6 – An Emotional Rollercoaster


Spoiler Alert! Darryl Dzapasi’s Exclusive Review


Alright, it’s time to talk about Season 6 episode 6… what just happened here!?

Honestly – this episode was such an emotional rollercoaster. It tugged at my heart strings AND there were some really funny moments. Season 6 is a must watch, they are not playing around so make sure you get The STARZ App and catch up if you haven’t already!

Let’s break down the big moment in this episode – when the supplier takes half of Tariqs ransom money from Tommy and Ghost. 

It was truly a sad moment for me. Tommy and Ghost finally pulled everything together to get the money and save Tariq. They even had a sweet moment trying to figure out what happens next with them. BUT THEN the supplier stops them, takes half of that hard earned money and just leaves them. Honestly, Ghosts face was priceless, like “is this really happening?” I really felt sad for him. Ghost got taken down by the man and he was just trying to save his son. This family is always doing gymnastics and scheming to get their lives back on track. But they make it happen! They actually get their son back. Wow. 

Stop what your doing, start your free trial on The STARZ App, and catch up on Power now!

There’s so much in store for the rest of Season 6 Part 1!

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