See What People Are Saying About These Top Fresh Dog Food Brands


The Rise In Fresh Dog Food

In recent years, there’s been tons of innovation in the fresh dog food space, from new delivery methods to a whole host of practically gourmet dog food offerings. But what exactly is fresh dog food, and what makes it better than your standard grocery store kibble?

To put it simply, fresh dog food is human-grade food specially formulated for dog’s needs. Here’s why fresh food is superior:

  • It’s packed full of healthy ingredients that provide essential vitamins and nutrients for your dog. It’s not processed in creepy facilities.
  • It doesn’t include anything us humans would turn our noses up at.
  • It’s made just like human food is: cooked, to preserve all those nutrients, and served, well, fresh.

Fresh dog food is the best, healthiest option when choosing what to feed your dog. But in case you’re still on the fence regarding whether fresh dog food really makes a difference, we’ve gathered just a few of the many stellar reviews for two of our favorite fresh dog food companies: The Farmer’s Dog and Nom Nom.

Want to hear it straight from the horse’s (er, dog’s) mouth? Keep reading for real reviews from happy dog owners!

Our Top Picks

The Farmer’s Dog

“We have noticed clearer eyes, (a) shinier coat, and much more energy!”

The above words might sound like what every owner wants to be able to say about their dog— but they’re actually a real review from happy customer Catherine C.! The Farmer’s Dog has attracted many such reviews. And between their high-quality ingredients, environmental consciousness, convenience and top-notch customer service, we can’t say we’re surprised.

Wondering if the Farmer’s Dog is truly worth the investment? You might, like customer Marina K., consider it a preventative measure: “This healthier diet may cost a little more than the dried or canned food but it has saved me hundreds of dollars on vet bills.”

Other happy customers praise the “amazing” customer service. Picky pooches love The Farmer’s Dog, with reviewer Tarun B. praising it as “the only thing (my dog) eats without fuss.”

Veterinarians love The Farmer’s Dog, too, with Dr. Catriona Love calling it “one of the most exciting innovations in pet food” and “a safe alternative to conventional brands.” Another vet, Dr. Jonathan Block, doesn’t just recommend it to patients: “My own dogs love it too!”

When it comes to feeding your furry friend, the bottom line is that fresh dog food is the safest, healthiest option out there. Reviewer Shawna H. sums it up well: “If you love your dog, feed him food from The Farmers Dog. Your dog will love it and you will love knowing it is healthy and safe.”

Nom Nom

It’s no secret that we here at Insider Envy are big fans of Nom Nom, a fresh dog food brand bringing high-quality, healthy meals straight to your door. But don’t just take our word for it. Here are just a few of the many glowing reviews for Nom Nom:

“Enthusiastically recommended” by Dog Food Advisor, Nom Nom is the fresh dog food brand that marries high-quality ingredients with a more feasible price tag. even called Nom Nom “the most well-rounded and convenient option on the market.” If you’re still on the fence regarding if Nom Nom is worth it, reviewer @golden_katsu notes the money Nom Nom has saved in vet visits: “Katsu has always had a bit of a sensitive stomach… This resulted in many vet visits until we found Nom Nom! We know that she will always eat her food and never worry about her getting tummy aches!”

If your pup has a sensitive stomach, Nom Nom could be a gamechanger: scores of reviews on the site mention improvements in their dog’s digestion issues since switching to Nom Nom. Another bonus side effect? Shiny, soft coats. Instagram user @skayegram raves of the effect on her rescue pup’s coat, “I didn’t think his fur could get any softer!” Another reviewer, @denton_kristen with the “pickiest” dog noted, “Since being on Nom Nom she is eating much better & has perfect poop!!!” Now that’s what we call an endorsement!

When it comes to picking the best dog food, ultimately your dog has the final say. NBC News offers the final say on how Nom Nom scores with pets: “Not only did (my dog) lick his bowl cleaner than I’ve ever seen, he went back looking for more. Several times.”

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