Five Reasons Why You Should Try Mixtiles


Article Written By Claire MacDonald, an Ampush Employee

Redecorating is hard. Whether you’re moving into a new apartment for the year, or just feeling a little bored of the empty wall space in your home of many years, we know how daunting it can be to actually take the steps to find new art or images to brighten up your rooms. Plus: it is expensive, it’s time consuming, and it is hard to find the right art to compliment your personal style.


Thankfully, one company is answering every single one of these classic decoration dilemmas. Mixtiles wants to make displaying the images you love easy. You just upload an image (or a series of images) that you love to their site, decide the dimensions and style of the framing, and within days your decor arrives on your doorstep– and all you have to do is stick the adhesive back of the image to your wall. And if you don’t like where you put it, don’t stress: you can remove the images from the wall and re-stick them somewhere else.


If you still need some convincing to check Mixtiles out, here are five reasons why Mixtiles will change your home (and your life) for the better.

It is unbelievably affordable  

When comparing the cost of ordering a custom framed image from Mixtiles and ordering a print or image and getting it framed, there is absolutely no contest. The cost of professional framing can cost over $100– Mixtiles is a fraction of that, at $11 per tile. Plus, they offer ridiculous discounts if you buy in bulk, up to less than $8 per tile. This means that the gallery wall or your dreams is no longer out of reach, and you don’t need to break the bank to get it.

Easy to hang, Easy to move

If you aren’t a natural with a hammer in your hand, or your paper-thin walls make any home improvement a contentious issue with the neighbors (or you’re just looking for the lowest effort solution to your home design qualms), this is the product for you. All you have to do to hang your Mixtiles is peel the protection off the adhesive back, and stick it to your wall. Plus, if you decide it needs to go a little to the left, or even across the room, you can just remove it from the wall and stick it somewhere else. I don’t know how the adhesive holds up, I do know that I’ve reordered my bedside Mixtiles about 10 times, and they’re still sticking perfectly.

Get the room aesthetic of your dreams

I know I get jealous of the perfectly coordinated, instagrammable rooms of some of the accounts I follow and home decoration magazines I read. Finding and curating your personal aesthetic on a budget can be so difficult, but with Mixtiles, you can pull the exact images you want for your walls in the exact right frames. That monochrome all light blue living room you have been dreaming about is one step closer.


There’s a huge variety of shapes and sizes

Mixtiles have just about any size and shape you would want to use to frame your photos. Whether a series of small tiles, or a room-defining standalone print, you got it. Plus, that perfectly quirky combination of five frames that look natural together? Mixtiles does that for you, with their bundles and collections– all you have to do is upload the right photos, decide which photo goes into which frame, and voila!

The photos closest to your heart are at your fingertips

No home is complete without a couple photos of the people, places, or things you love in it. Mixtiles is a perfect way to make that gallery wall of baby photos, or keep a dear image of your childhood home close to your heart. It is so easy to make the photos you look to for comfort and joy come to life on your walls.


Decorating doesn’t have to be hard, and Mixtiles knows that.

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by Insider Envy Staff

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