Glossier Lidstar Review


By Kennedy Levee

I’d like to think that I have a solid grasp on makeup but the one category that has always evaded me is eyeshadow. Lip gloss? Got it. Mascara? Makes sense! I can even navigate eyeliner on a good day. But I have always been lost when it comes to blending colors and creating the perfect smoky eye. 

Are you nodding your head? Does this sound familiar to you? If so then look no further, Glossier Lidstar is the makeup bag staple you NEED. I tried Glossier Lidstar in the shade Cub and was immediately surprised by how easy it is to use. The product comes in a tube with a felt applicator, all you need to do is dab it onto your eyelid and blend with your finger—no more googling which makeup brush you’re supposed to use for for your lid vs. crease. The subtle bronze color is perfect for day to night and the light and creamy formula is comfortable enough to wear all day.

Even though I can’t speak for everyone, the product didn’t irritate my sensitive skin at all. I also wear contact lens and even though some products have caused itchiness on my eyelids in the past, I felt none of that with the Glossier Lidstar.

Glossier Lidstar comes in five other shades: Herb (a smoky green), Fawn (a cool taupe), Slip (a sheer baby pink), Moon (sheer with glittery undertones) and Lily (a sheer lilac with blue and violet undertones). Even though I’ve only tried Cub, I recommend Herb or Fawn if you’d like to make a statement (even with a mask on!). BRB, buying one in every shade.

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