How to Get Biofinity Contacts Cheaply


Finding the right pair of contact lenses for your eyes isn’t easy. There are so many contact lens providers on the market, each of them offering multiple different types of lenses depending on your wants and needs. Even if you do find a pair of contact lenses you like, they’re often pretty pricey. Sometimes it might end up that you can’t afford the contacts you want (and need), and have to settle for a lower quality brand or lens because of that, jeopardizing the health of your eyes.

The Company

When it comes to high quality contacts, Biofinity contacts are some of the best contacts on the market. Manufactured by CooperVision, one of the leading contact lens manufacturers in the world, Biofinity is known for being a more high end, luxury brand. Their contacts are good for those with more serious diagnoses on the light or heavy sides of the visual spectrum, as their usually higher cost translates to higher quality and customization options.

The Products

Biofinity contacts come in five popular choices: BiofinityBiofinity EnergysBiofinity MultifocalBiofinity Toric, and Biofinity XR and each product is specialized to a single eye issue to cover a wide variety of contact wants and needs. On average, the majority of Biofinity’s five products received five-star customer reviews across the board, legitimizing the quality of their luxury lenses.

The Features

There are lots of reason’s Biofinity is a fan favorite when it comes to specialized contact lenses. Biofinity’s Aquafoam Technology keeps your eyes hydrated for longer, protecting your eyes from outside debris and helping to focus light and high resolution into your eyes through soft, highly oxygenated lenses. Their Digital Zone Optics help your eyes adapt to constantly changing lights and distances, perfect for keeping your eyes healthy and strong in the modern era of screens. Additionally, Biofinity’s Balanced Progressive Technology specifically helps those who need multifocal lenses: creating lenses with multiple zones of vision correction to help balance the vision of those who suffer from presbyopia (farsightedness).

Where to Get Biofinity

Biofinity is a global company. Their products are sold in countries around the world, making it easy for anyone to get the high quality contacts they need for their special condition. However, because Biofinity is seen as a high end, luxury brand for contacts, it’s extremely hard to purchase Biofinity contacts at an affordable price.

Biofinity contacts are usually priced between $200 to $1000 a year, which is pretty steep. However, there are some places you can get Biofinity contacts for cheap. One of the best places to get Biofinity lenses for cheap is Simple Contacts. Simple Contacts is an online contact lens distributor dedicated to providing easy, affordable access to contacts. Because Simple Contacts partners directly with contact lens manufacturers, they’re able to offer contact lenses at face value, which is a fraction of the normal price of contacts in stores. On the Simple Contacts website, regular, non-specialized Biofinity lenses are priced at around $40 per box, which comes out to nearly half the normal price of Biofinity contacts anywhere else.


If you’re looking to get Biofinity contact lenses (or any of the leading contact lens brands) for cheap, Simple Contacts is the place for you. As a luxury, high end contact lens brand, Biofinity is usually pretty pricey. Simple Contacts offers Biofinity lenses at almost half the price of other leading contact lens retailers, taking out the added hassle of having to pick up lenses by shipping them directly to your door. Additionally, Simple Contacts offers a subscription option, delivering contacts to you on a regular basis, so you’ll never have to worry about having enough contacts.

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