How to Watch American Gods Online Right Now

Easy Answer: Start your STARZ Free Trial

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From Queer Eye to Game of Thrones, this spring is stacked with bingeworthy new television. Beyond the obvious buzzy premieres, there’s another big series return that fans are extremely stoked about – STARZ’s American Gods.


Deemed “Gorgeous gore for supernatural worshipers” by the Guardian, American Gods is a mythically rich fantasy drama, praised for its stunning visual effects and inspired performances by leading actors, Ricky Whittle and Ian McShane.


Nearly two years after Season 1 finale, the highly anticipated Season 2 finally returned in March.


Now that the season is almost through, it’s the perfect time to binge before the season finale on Sunday, April 28th. Whether you’re a first time viewer or an expert in the Old and New Gods, here’s the best way to stream American Gods right now:


1. Sign up for STARZ online and stream for 7 days free.

In just 3 quick steps, you could be watching American Gods for 7 Days Free. After the trial, STARZ is only $8.99 per month, with no commitments and no commercials ever.


2. Download the STARZ App, start your Free Trial, and watch on the go. 

This is the best way to stream American Gods if you’re always busy but find yourself CRAVING the next episode during the day or on your commute. This app is incredibly easy to navigate and makes it possible to stream STARZ anytime, anywhere.


3. Get the Amazon or Hulu STARZ extension – You can buy STARZ for $8.99 on both sites.


No matter which way you watch, American Gods is is definitely worth your binge this spring. We suggest you take STARZ up on their 7 Day Free Trial offer and catch up before Season 2 airs!

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by Insider Envy Staff

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