How to Watch The Final Episodes of Power Early

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We found out you can watch The Final Episodes of Power before everyone else. How? On The STARZ App.

Thats right Power fans, you heard it here first.

If you sign up for the STARZ App here, you will have early access to watch the every episode at midnight on Sundays only on the STARZ App! It will only air on cable channels at 9 PM EST/PST, so you’ll have almost a full day to flex on all your friends.

If you’re out of the loop…

For those of you who are perhaps less avid Power fans, allow me to introduce the most epic show on TV: Power tells the story of James “Ghost” St. Patrick, a drug kingpin and nightclub owner trying to go legit. Along the way he encounters family drama, tons of action, violence, sex, as well as 50 Cent (who produced the show). With 6 seasons out already and the final season in full swing, you’ll be entertained for weeks. Hell, Power has at times been the second most watched show on premium cable!

Our most important recommendation:

There’s a way to watch The Final Episodes almost 24 hours before it airs on cable. Don’t sleep on this opportunity. Get the STARZ App and Start Your Free Trial Today 

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by Insider Envy Staff

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