Hubble Contacts Reviews: Everything You Need to Know


In this post, we do a deep dive on what people are saying about Hubble. If you want to know what  looks like and our first impression on the product–check out our unboxing review. If you want to understand the basics of Hubble (the company’s background, available options, pricing and more)–check out our Hubble Brand Review. The goal of this post is to pull in customer reviews from a wide range of sources and aggregate them into different categories to give you the easiest and most in-depth analysis of what customers think about Hubble.


Ease of Delivery and Comfort

“As an athlete, glasses and rec-specs weren’t the best options. They would either fog up or cause more damage than needed. So I decided to go for contacts as they would allow me to play better.

Once I saw the price of Hubble Contacts I decided to give them a try to see if they were a good fit. With a good fit and timely delivery along with the price, I switched to Hubble and haven’t looked back.

It takes the pain of price and delivery issues out of contacts as well as keeping your eyes clean. Try them out and you won’t regret it.”

Ease of Delivery and Price

“I used to spend $190 every three months for a Cadillac brand of contacts because those were the only ones that felt comfortable all day long. I tried Hubble because of how affordable they were. I was worried the Hubble brand wouldn’t be comfortable because of the price and my eyes seem to be picky. I was pleasantly surprised that they were MORE comfortable! I save about $360 a year using Hubble, AND they ship right to me. I love Hubble!”

Ease of Delivery and Customer Support

“I have been using Hubble Contacts for quite a few months now. They are delivered in a timely fashion, and the one time I had a contact show up that had a hole in the middle, the company sent me an entire months replacement after asking me very few questions regarding my issue. I like the peace of mind knowing that any issues that may come up are resolved quickly. I have recommended Hubble Contacts to many of my friends and family.”

Price and Customer Support

“We have been purchasing from for about a year now due to the price savings vs. my son’s previous “name” brand. Boxes always arrive on time, and it’s easy to adjust the schedule if necessary. Most importantly, though, is that they have great customer service. One box arrived with several defective lenses. After contacting, they immediately shipped out a new box. Highly recommend.”

Contact Quality and Customer Support

“I was hooked after the first pair. They never dry out, even during allergy season. I never have to re-wet my lenses, and I love the fresh pair every morning. Hubble was definitely an easy decision, and it doesn’t get any more convenient; they show up at my door every month like clockwork.

I submit my receipts to my insurance and am reimbursed for them. I have never gotten a bad or torn lens from Hubble, and their customer service is top notch. Thank you, Hubble, for taking the worry of running out of contacts of my very busy list!”

Contact Quality

“I received my free contacts yesterday. I tried them today, and I can say that I still have them in now while writing this review and since 7 am this morning, and I can’t feel them at all! Best lenses ever! Thank you Hubble.”

Contact Quality

“I have been receiving Hubble Contacts for about a year now. I was very skeptical at first, but after trying them for the first time, I was hooked. The comfort is unbelievable. You never have to worry if you cleaned them good enough. I never have to worry about running out because they take care of all the ordering. The best thing I like is they are so easy to travel. If I’m going to be gone for a few days, you just grab some and go. You don’t have to pack a bunch of cleaners and holders. I am 100% satisfied and plan on using Hubble for a long time coming.”


Without a doctor visit, you need to know your prescription

“I wanted to like Hubble so bad. Cute packaging. No fuss subscription service. Save a bit of cash. But the moment I ordered Hubble, red flags were raised. It’s clear to me that Hubble DOES NOT double check your prescription with your eye doctor. Why? Because I received the wrong prescription in my pack. It could be a mistake on their end, sure. But upon double checking, I saw that the error was in fact mine.

I called immediately to unsubscribe, because… SURPRISE! They automatically sign you up for a subscription to their contacts that will CHARGE and SEND contacts without you being aware. Which also comes with a stocking fee, and if you happened to open the box, you’re just plum out of luck. Shady.

Also, have I mentioned how far off this prescription is? By -.75! I can’t even use the contacts even if I wanted. Useless. Dish out the extra cash for contacts people. Your eyes deserve it, and your sanity too.”

Hard to cancel

“Hubble orders were great. But when I realized that I do not use the contacts often enough to keep getting orders, they are horrible. I sent the message to the same place I made the order. I received a lot of messages but did not see a phone number to call. The next month another came, and I sent another message. I had this company blocked from my account.

The next month another order came through, and I sent an email, and I received a response that she received the two that I returned for a refund but one was past the refund date. I was told they tried to credit money to my bank account, but it is blocked, so I asked for a check, which I have not received. I then had a block on my bank account for the amount $33.00. This month the fee was taken from my account, and just today after three months, I was given the phone number to call and cancel my account. This is horrible.”

Hard to cancel

“Insanely difficult to cancel the subscription. Expect a run around that will take long enough for them to charge you for at least one more week of contact lenses. Feels pretty scam-like to me.”

One size does not fit all

“I feel like many others; blurry vision, most likely from the high BC value.

I wore my usual contact on one eye and Hubble on the other. No competition. Hubble does not fit me well enough, leaving me feeling dry-eyed after the 4-hour mark and blurry for the first hour. I often have to throw away a lens or two as they are not comfortable enough to wear.

After trying the product for 90 days, I have found that I cannot get used to this lens and will not be downgrading my vision for the reduced price.”

We hope this breakdown of reviews was helpful. If you want to give Hubble a shot, you can request your 

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