Hubble: Changing the Way You Order Contacts


wants to change the way we do contacts. Too many people put off ordering their next box of contacts, instead opting to over-wear old pairs which unfortunately, compromises their vision as well as increases their risk of eye health complications.

Hubble’s brand of daily contacts directly addresses this issue, making it easy for you to throw out your old pair as well as forget the tedious, often haphazard sanitation routine.

Since they get delivered right to your door, you don’t have to worry about running out of contacts ever again. You can ditch your pair of back-up glasses and let Hubble change your contact lens experience for the better. Hubble easily fits into your personal routine, allowing for greater flexibility in your day, and to top it off, Hubble is cheap! You can get an entire month’s worth of contacts for under $40.

How Hubble’s Daily Contact Lens Subscription Service Works

When you sign up for Hubble, you input your prescription and your doctor’s information. If you don’t have a prescription or it’s out of date, Hubble can help you set up an appointment. After that, you get your first 15 pairs of prescription contacts delivered to your door absolutely (just $1 shipping and handling). You can use this introductory period to see how well you like the convenience of a subscription contact lens service.

If the comfort and convenience wins you over, you will be charged $36 every month for 30 pairs (plus the $3 S+H), which comes out to only $1.39 a day for a clean and refreshing pair of contacts. Get started with your free box!

Since part of Hubble’s vision is to reduce their impact on the environment, all shipping materials and contact lens boxes are 100% recyclable!

The Lenses

Though Hubble seeks to save you money, they aren’t just a bargain brand. Hubble works with a manufacturer that offers a great balance of quality, consistency, and value. They are partnered with St. Shine, an FDA-approved international contact lens manufacturer with a stellar reputation and long history of distribution to optometrists in the US.

Hubble’s special brand of daily contacts are made from a high-grade hydrogel material, methafilcon A. Additionally, a 55% water content keeps the lenses feeling soft and refreshing to the eye, while UV protection, and a thin edge provide all-day comfort and protection. Hubble’s lenses are easy to insert, providing lasting comfort and crystal clear vision.

How Do I Get Started?

Visit Hubble to get your first box free (just pay $1 for shipping/handling), and you’ll have the freedom to cancel your subscription at any time. (Although we don’t think you’ll want to!). If you don’t need to wear contacts every day, you also always have the option to skip a shipment.

Once you see the value, comfort, and improved health that daily contact lenses can offer, as well as the convenience of having them delivered to your door, you may find it hard to go back to buying contacts from the clinic ever again!

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