Hubble vs. Optima Contacts


This review provides a side by side comparison of two of the most popular contact lens brands: Hubble and Optima.

Hubble and Optima could not be more different. Optima, made by Bausch & Lomb is a classic brand, 20 years in the making, and known for being a high-end offering that specializes in people suffering from astigmatism. On the other hand, Hubble is known as a hyper-modern entrant into the contact lens space–offering a high-quality daily disposable lens that isn’t geared for people with severe vision issues but instead as a highly comfortable option for the masses.

With this in mind, let’s dig into the comparison:

Available Options:

Both Hubble and Optima keep things simple. Hubble offers a single contact lens product, that can be adjusted to meet your prescription. Optima does not offer much more–Optima offers two different products, also adjustable to meet your prescription needs.

Hubble Contacts

Hubble offers just one option–a high quality daily disposable contact that can be adjusted to meet your prescription. Hubble contact lenses were designed by the experienced St. Shine team and are built in-house, the combination of which allows them to offer an affordable and high-quality daily contact. Hubble contacts are made of a hydrogel material that is 55% water–they are known for being durable, clear, and comfortable.

One special benefit of Hubble contacts is that they provide UV protection which is a nice addition for such an affordable daily disposable.
Lastly, Hubble contacts are purchased entirely through the Hubble site. They have an easy-to-use tool to help you find a doctor and determine your prescription and they offer 15 free pairs of contacts to get started.


Optima contacts are offered by Bausch + Lomb and are a time-tested contact lens brand. They provide two options, one is their 38/SP contact lens which is their general soft contact lens options. They also offer an Optima toric contact lens, for people with astigmatism.

Given that Optima is created by Bausch + Lomb one of the leading health companies in the world, you can expect expert craftsmanship, great customer support, and more from Optima.

Customer Reviews:

Understanding what customers are saying about Hubble and Optima is one of the best ways to know which brand is right for you. While both Hubble and Optima have a plethora of positive reviews, in this section we’ll dig below the surface a bit to see what people complain about when they do complain about either brand to give you a sense of which contact is right for you.

Hubble Contacts

Hubble ranks 4.6/5 in total base don a total of 300+ reviews. We dug through these individual reviews to help give you a better understanding of why Hubble ranks the way it does. Here’s what we found:


Clarity and Comfort:

One customer says, “The clarity is incredible and while I’m used to dry eyes, I’ve only needed to use my drops once a day using Hubble!”

Another customer says, “I absolutely LOVE the contacts. Very comfortable and moist all day.”

Customer Support:

“Customer service is wonderful. Response in 20 minutes, resolution in less than a half hour. Wow!”


“$36 for 30 pairs? You can’t beat that price!”


Founded in 2016, Hubble lacks widespread acknowledgment in the contact industry. Its reputation is growing but when compared to brands like Optima and Acuvue – Hubble is certainly a newcomer in the space. Being new is not a bad thing in of itself, it just is worth noting that it remains to be seen if Hubble will continue on its upward trajectory.




One customer says,

“I have tried many contact brands, but find Optima the most comfortable. Other brands, even those claiming to have a higher water content than the B&Ls, dry my eyes out after a few hours, these contacts keep my eyes feeling fresh.”

Another customer speaks about how Optima contacts remain comfortable in all weather and environments,

“I wear my contact lenses daily and experience a range of climates from indoors with air conditioning to outdoors and variable weather.  I’ve used this brand for many years and find the lenses comfortable.”

Lastly, another customer adds that they like how thin the contact is, stating,

“Really thin and soft. More comfortable than any other contact I have tried. Highly recommended.”


Difficult to Use:

A number of Optima users complain that the contacts are both difficult to insert in the eye and have an annoying habit of sticking together when unpacking them, causing them to eventually tear. Here’s what one customer said,

“3 out of 6 lenses folded together on themselves on removal and stuck together. I’m an experienced lens wearer and have NEVER had a lens tear or stick together in 22 years. No amount of soaking would “unstick” them, and the lenses tore if I tried to peel them apart. Do not buy Optima contacts!”

Here’s another customer who re-iterates the stickiness issue,

“Read a couple reviews prior to my purchase, came across one that said, “lenses stick together and it’s hard to tear them apart.” Didn’t really believe that (nor understood, because for 10+ years of wearing contacts never have I ever come by anything like that).
Well, I was wrong. They do stick together. Not only that, but I could also feel them in my eyes.”


Pricing is always an issue. Whether it is too much, too frequent, or simply not receiving enough for your buck, the cost of everything is scrutinized. Unfortunately, when it comes to anything medical, the price is often, almost to the point of being unreasonable.

Yet, thankfully, when it comes to these two brands of contacts, this is not the case. These contacts have gotten affordability down to a science in their own, unique ways.

Hubble Contacts

The Hubble contacts brand works hard to ensure their contacts are not only affordable, but that they can offer customers a simple pricing concept that works for everyone.

Hubble contacts are $33 per month, with an added $3 shipping fee. That’s it. There’s no strings attached, no hidden fees and no limited time promotion.


At full price, here’s what Optima contacts will cost you:

Optima SP 38: $49.99 from Discount Contact Lenses for a pair of two soft, extended wear contacts.

Optima Toric contact lenses start at $156.99 on 1800 Contacts, but the price can vary based on your prescription.

Insurance Coverage:

Insurance coverage, especially when it comes to vision, is something that can be extremely dependent on the customer. Plans vary and sometimes, it’s hard to keep up, but thankfully, both Hubble Contacts and Optima offer simple choices that can help customers take advantage of the insurance benefits to the best of their plan’s ability.

Hubble Contacts

Hubble is not yet able to work directly with insurance companies, likely because they are still a new company. However, they do have a process in place for possible reimbursement. Hubble will provide wearers with an invoice, which can be submitted for either full or partial reimbursement of the contact order.

Although, Hubble does directly support Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA) or Health Savings Accounts (HSA). These benefits can be accessed through the payment process, if the account is linked directly to a major credit card.


Since Optima is available through 1800-Contacts, many wearers can take part in the multitude of insurance options this retailer has to offer.

There are two different plans in place to assist wearers with all different kinds of insurance plans. The first is the possibility that 1800-Contacts can work directly with your insurance company, through their own in-network coverage option.

The second option is for the people who do not have plans that are covered under the retailer’s in-network benefits. This is an out-of-network option, that will work you to provide the necessary paperwork to be eligible to receive either a partial or a full reimbursement for your lenses. While 1-800 Contacts makes it a lot faster and easier to order contacts than your doctor’s office or pharmacy does, it does take a little longer for your prescription and order to process than it would at some with other contact subscription services like ContactsCart.

Ultimately, the contacts that you choose must be the perfect contacts for you. Reviews, prices, and features don’t mean anything if the contact doesn’t work for the person wearing it. Therefore, hopefully this guide to the Hubble and Optima contact lens brand has provided you with some useful information, which will aid you in yours search.

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