Is Commercial Dog Food Killing Dogs?


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Did you know that owning a dog can add years to your life? But what are we doing for our furry friends? Canine cancer is on the rise as one in three dogs are affected by cancer at some point in their lives. This year, 6 million dogs will be diagnosed with cancer.

The largely unregulated dog food industry continues to flourish, as cancer rates among dogs continue to rise. Ignorant to the AAFCO safeguards identifying potentially dangerous chemicals and fillers, commercial dog foods continue to contain harmful ingredients and byproducts.

With over 40 dog food recalls every year, the toxic and dangerous ingredients in commercial dog food speak for themselves. Euthanized pets, Propylene glycol, and Butylated Hydroxytoluene are just a few of the many shady ingredients that may be shaving years off your pets’ life.

Dead, dying, or diseased animals get mushed up into this meat slurpee.

“Dead, dying, or diseased animals get mushed up into this meat slurpee,” said Ollie’s co-founder Gabby Slome when describing the jaw-dropping truths of the commercial pet food making process.

That’s why brands like Ollie have emerged to fight against carcinogens that fill pet food aisles. The gastrointestinal and skin diseases commercial dog foods cause are unforgivable. Make sure to check nutrition labels to dodge all brands with preservatives and chemicals that may be cancerous and harmful to your dog.

Not ready to say goodbye?

Ollie is the vet-formulated miracle dog food that is attracting celebrities like Serena Williams to invest in dog health. Handmade in small batches at a USDA regulated facility, Ollie’s meal plans are customized to dogs’ breed, weight, activity, and allergies to promote healthy weight and in turn, a longer life. Formulated by a team of specialized nutritionists, Ollie makes serving your dog fresh human-grade dog food easy with pre-portioned meals delivered straight to your door step.

In Ollie’s dog food, every ingredient is ethically sourced from free-range farms and cooked at low temperatures to preserve maximum nutritional content. Ingredients like chicken liver, spinach, and blueberries work together to improve digestion, skin health, and coat. Free of any artificial flavors, growth hormone, antibiotics, fillers, synthetic colors, and preservatives, Ollie’s dog food doesn’t just maintain your dog’s health – it improves it!

All in all, it’s up to you and your dog. On the one hand, premium brands can provide incredible health benefits to your dog, while commercial brands can offer you savings. So how much is your dog’s life worth to you?

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by Insider Envy Staff

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