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By: Siobhan Maloney, an Ampush employee

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What is PROVEN Skincare?

PROVEN is a new-to-market, personalized skincare line that uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to create customized products for your skin. PROVEN creates a skincare routine that’s personalized for your skin, environment, and lifestyle.

PROVEN’s Skin Genome Quiz uses AI and a database of skincare research to create your personal skincare routine that changes with your skin needs as time goes on. They adjust your formula as your skin adapts to strong ingredients like retinol, and customize your formula throughout the year as the seasons change. Try their skin quiz today! For a limited time only (and early access via Insider Envy) get your first month for $110 (42% Off) plus FREE shipping, a FREE Pore Purifying Pad, and FREE makeup cleansing cloths! Use code: SKINTREAT.

Question #1 of PROVEN’s Skin Genome Quiz

The Story

 PROVEN was founded with the intention of creating an easy, effective skincare solution. Not only do they have thousands of happy customers, PROVEN has also been featured on Shark Tank and the Today Show, as well as in major outlets like Vogue, Refinery 29, and The New York Times.

The Routine

PROVEN’s skincare system includes cleanser, SPF day moisturizer, and night cream, each formulated for your skin. When you subscribe, your system will change over time, plus you’ll save 30% on each order. Learn more about the routine.

The Reviews

People love PROVEN! In independent, third party clinical studies:

  • 94% agreed that “my skin feels smoother”
  • 90% agreed that “my skin is rid of all impurities”
  • 84% agreed that “skin is well-rested upon waking
  • 81% agreed that “the routine provides a bright, radiant complexion”

3 Step PROVEN Routine

Ready to try PROVEN? For a limited time only (and early access via Insider Envy) get your first month for $110 (42% off!) plus FREE shipping, a FREE pore purifying pad, and FREE makeup cleansing cloths! Use code: SKINTREAT.

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