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How to Update Your Jewelry Collection Using Rocksbox

Keeping your wardrobe up-to-date is hard, and it isn’t any easier when it comes to updating your jewelry collection. Fashion trends change quicker than you think. Constantly spending time and money following them is time-consuming and expensive. Which is where Rocksbox comes in.

What is Rocksbox?

Rocksbox is a jewelry subscription service founded by CEO Meaghan Rose, a former Mckinsey and Bain consultant. After lending out her own personal jewelry collection to friends and family, she realized there was a need for simplification in the jewelry world, so she created Rocksbox to make buying jewelry easier for the modern day woman.

Rocksbox’s subscription service delivers three new, designer pieces of jewelry to your door each month. With their “try before you buy” model $21/month, Rocksbox lets you wear their jewelry for as long as you want. If you end up loving a piece, you can buy it using your subscription fee as credit. For the pieces you don’t feel like keeping, Rockbox provides prepaid shipping envelopes for you to return them.

What Does Rocksbox Offer?

Considered one of the most popular jewelry subscription boxes, Rocksbox offers over $200 worth of value for only $21 each month. On top of being designer quality, each piece of jewelry found in your box is picked for your preferences by stylists, using the Rocksbox style survey you’ll be asked to take when you first sign up. Additionally, you can review your box before it’s sent to make sure all the pieces are ones you’ll wear. If you don’t like any of the pieces you can swap them out for pieces in your wish list to get the best selection of jewelry for you.


If you’re looking for an affordable way to update your jewelry collection, Rocksbox is definitely an option you should consider. Including designer pieces, free shipping, personalized picks, and great prices, Rocksbox subscriptions offer an easy way to stay on top of jewelry trends without breaking the bank.

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