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Optima is a brand of contacts that have withstood the test of time. Created by Bausch & Lomb, these contacts have over twenty years of experience and development backing their design. Many of the innovations that make today’s contact lenses so exceptional were originally developed by Optima.

Today, Optima is well known for being able to treat a wide range of diagnoses, from Astigmatism, Myopia, or Presbyopia, to more common near and farsightedness, all while providing the wearer with long-lasting comfort and ease of use.

Optima contacts were one of the first to use modern hydration technologies, which are now standard throughout the industry and upon which Optima continues to improve. There are many customers who will try other contact brands but eventually go back to Optima due to their superior corrective lens product.

Optima’s contact lens offerings include: Optima 38 / SP, Optima FW (SofLens 38), and Optima Toric.

Optima Reviews, Analyzed:

The following table looks at several popular Air Optix reviews by model on Lens.com. We decided to use Lens.com for this analysis due to the number of reviews available and the credibility that their reviews are known to have.

The Optima brand offers fewer contact lens options than some other makers in the space, but customers are extremely happy with the lenses Optima does offer.

The benefits of Optima contacts are clear in the positive reviews; however, with a brand that has been around for as long as Optima, there are a few customers who have had issues with this brand.

The first issue: some find the Optima brand difficult to insert into the eye. Once inserted, the contact tends to be comfortable, but getting it in on a busy morning can be extremely frustrating.

Another issue with Optima: some wearers report that their eyes dry out easily from wearing the contacts. This is an issue that can be solved with frequent eye irrigation via eye drops, but it can be annoying to carry something extra around throughout the day.

These two issues tend to be common for all contact lens brands, with some people simply struggling to put contact lenses in and others always having trouble keeping their eyes from drying. However, Optima contacts are generally well reviewed and well loved by those who use them.

Optima Features:

Optima is in good company, predating popular brands such as BioTrue, Soflens, and Purevision, and having delivered the first contact to carry the revolutionized, hydrated formula.

Optima as a brand is known for being extremely heavy-duty, as well as being able to correct vision to a degree of clarity and comfort that other lenses are unable to accomplish.

Additionally, as part of the Bausch and Lomb family, it is customary for an extra pair to be included in each box to ensure the customer will be covered if the initial contacts are lost, ripped, or damaged.

Here are some the features that make the individual products a favorite for customers:

Polymacon Material:

This brand of contact lens is made from polymacon material, which is a hydrophilic polymer of 2-hydroxyethyl methacrylate. The weight of this material is 38.6% water. Additionally, this material is categorized in the FDA material group I, which makes it a safe and trusted compound.

Since this contact lens material is made for all-day and multi-use wear, it is sure to be durable, while sustaining hydration of the eye.

This material sets the standard for contacts across the spectrum of contact brands, allowing the contact and the wearer’s eye to remain free from deposits. This material is also great for patients who struggle with dry-eye, redness, and irritation throughout the day. The resilience of these contacts is praised for warding off discomfort, even if worn through grueling days where the wearer is demanding a lot from their eyes.

Visibility Tint:

The visibility tint on this brand of contacts is blue. The tint is in place to help the wearer insert and remove the contact with ease. However, this tint does not affect the vision in any way. This is simply a feature to help the wearer utilize their contacts quickly and efficiently.


The powers that this contact is available in are: Plano to -9.00D in 0.25D steps and -9.50D to -12.00D in 0.50D steps. This is a strong contact, considering that the diameter of each contact is 14.00mm with a center thickness that spans between 0.02mm and 1.00mm, depending on need and specific prescription.

The contact is rounded out with base curves of either 8.4mm or 8.7mm. The difference in base curve enables a better sense of comfort for the wearer.

Expert Manufacturing

This contact is manufactured through Reverse Process III, which utilizes well-documented and expertly researched data to ensure that the process of manufacturing is safe, optimal for wearers, and dependable. With over forty years of experience in the contact and eyewear field backing this contact’s design, wearers can be confident in the quality of the product they are receiving.

Additionally, this process helps create an oxygen permeability of 8.5. This means that while the eye is being hydrated consistently, due to the percentage of water that creates each contact, the oxygen permeability ensures that enough oxygen is also getting to the eye.

As with every other part of the body, receiving the oxygen the eye needs are essential to eliminate strain and help the eye work with the corrective lenses to give the wearer uninterrupted sight without tired eyes.


In summary, Optima is an established, well-respected, and time-honored contact lens brand that was the first to feature the vision technology that has become the contact lens industry standard today, a standard that the likes of both Alcon and Johnson & Johnson Vision Care (two eyecare heavyweights), as well as small newcomers like Hubble Contacts have met, to the benefit of contact lens wearers everywhere.

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