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If you’ve ever shopped for contacts in-person, you know it can be a drag. But those days are over, because now you can shop for contacts online!

Shopping for contacts online is cheaper and easier, cutting down on the total time it takes you to get your contacts. Even better, many contact lens subscription services (like Simple Contacts) offer eye exams that let you renew and extend your prescription online, so you don’t have to go to the doctor. How great is that! However, with so many options, it’s hard to choose which contacts are right for you, which is why we’ve put together this guide.

Acuvue VITA (monthly)

If you’re looking for the best extended wear contact lenses, Acuvue Vita is a good choice for you. As a brand, Acuvue contacts are some of the most breathable contacts, created with silicon hydrogel, and receiving a rating of 9.9/10 (basically perfect!). Acuvue VITA contacts are specifically great because of their HydraMax™ Technology, ensuring vision clarity, comfort, and consistent hydration throughout the month. Acuvue VITA lenses come in regular extended wear and astigmatism extended wear. They are offered by Simple Contacts and other online contact lens carriers.

Air Optix Colors (monthly)

For color contacts, Air Optix offers some of the best lenses that can be purchased online. The contacts are offered with and without vision correction, work for light and dark eyes, and are extremely breathable and comfortable for both short and long – term wear. Air Optix Color lenses come in blue, brilliant blue, brown, gemstone green, gray, green, honey, pure hazel, and sterling gray. When you purchase them online at Simple Contacts, you can choose different colors for each eye!

O-Perm 60 (depends)

Rigid Gas Permeable (RGP) contacts can be hard to find. As the very first type of contacts on the market, they’ve been mostly discarded by major contact companies in favor of contacts with softer lenses that offer easier insertion. However, for many people with astigmatism, RGP contacts are necessary, which is why companies like O-Perm 60 are so important. Unlike some other RGP contacts, O-Perm 60 contacts are designed to correct astigmatism. They are extremely long-lasting, made with fluorinated polymer that resist protein deposits so they end up being more comfortable and easier to clean. Many reviewers even stated that one box of contacts lasted them over a year!

Bausch + Lomb ULTRA for Presbyopia (monthly)

Bausch + Lomb offers top-rated lenses for UV protection and dry eyes, but their ULTRA lenses are especially fitting if you’re someone who needs multifocal contacts. Like all of their lenses, the ULTRA contacts are breathable and comfortable, easy-to-insert and reuse for an entire month. What’s really amazing about these specific contacts is that they can be worn for 16+ hours without losing any clarity or comfort, making them a great choice for you if you need multifocal contacts that will hold up over an especially long work day. To order online, go to Simple Contacts.

Clariti 1 day Toric (daily)

Made by CooperVision, one of the oldest contact lens companies in the business, Clariti 1 Day Toric lenses are one of the best contacts for astigmatism. These contacts are award-winning for their ability to provide top-of-the-line hydration and astigmatism prevention, taking the “Contact Lens Product of the Year” in 2012. Made from silicon hydrogel, these lenses were designed to enhance the natural color of your eyes. You can buy 30 and 90 packs online at Simple Contacts.

With so many options of contacts, buying the right ones for you can be overwhelming. We hope this list made your decision a little easier!

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