Power S6E3 – Streaming Tips & Thoughts



Who’s in deeper trouble – the conniving James St. Patrick or his devious alter-ego, Ghost? Episode 3 is bringing the heat. Keep reading for the latest hack on how to watch Episode 3 early on the STARZ App.

Tasha and LaKeisha are BRINGING it this season – these girls are dangerous in their own ways, whether you like it or not. Nothing seems to be standing in Tasha’s way from obtaining her rightful fortune, the only question is: when will she pull the trigger? LaKeisha is the newest name in the Game and damn can she dress the part. How will Tommy’s new sidekick stand against the real threats?

Ghost is trapped with his back against the wall – those of you that are #teamghost, it’s not too late to change sides – even his own family can’t stand behind him. As Ghost endures the torture of the tricks his enemies are playing on him, we’re on the edge of our seats, captivated by the drama that’s unfolding.


Anxiously waiting for new episodes of Season 6 to be released each week?

We’ve got your fix – stream new episodes at 12am EST every Sunday (that’s 9pm PST every Saturday!) only on the STARZ App. Start your free trial here.

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