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Proclear was created by CooperVision. CooperVision is a global contact company that started providing their products in 1980. Thus, Proclear is backed by a global company that conducts business in over 100 countries and has nearly forty years’ experience in the eye care industry.

Other popular brands under the CooperVision company include MyDay and Biofinity.

The most popular brands of Proclear are Proclear 1 Day, Proclear 1 Day Multifocal, Proclear Sphere, Proclear MultiFocal, Proclear Toric, and Proclear Toric XR.

Proclear is known for being the go-to brand for sensitive eyes. This brand is specifically designed to help people with dry and itchy eyes, allowing for the enjoyment of reliably clear vision without sacrificing comfort.

In fact, Proclear contacts are the sole brand of contacts authorized by the United States Food and Drug Administration to claim that they help with dry eyes. The legal quote is as follows: “[Proclear] may provide improved comfort for contact lens wearers who experience mild discomfort or symptoms relating to dryness during lens wear.”

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Proclear Reviews Analyzed:

The following table looks at several popular Proclear reviews by model on We decided to use for this analysis because of the quantity of reviews available and the credibility that their reviews are generally known to have.

Proclear 1 Day
Proclear 1 Day Multifocal
Proclear Compatibles
Proclear EP
Proclear Multifocal
Proclear Toric
Proclear Toric XR
Total Reviews 24 35 17 1 35 10 19
Average Rating 5 Stars 5 Stars 5 Stars 5 Stars 5 Stars 5 Stars 4.9 Stars
Total 5 Star Reviews 24 35 17 1 35 10 18
Total 1 Star Reviews 0 0 0 0 0 0 0

The Proclear brand has a wide selection of products. These different products are able to target and correct different visual issues, such as astigmatism and presbyopia, while ensuring comfort. These positive reviews are a clear example of the capabilities of this brand and also the parent company.

As this model indicates, those that try the Proclear contacts, regardless of the specific lens, will more often than not have a good experience with the lenses.

The benefits of Proclear contacts are inherent in the features. Yet, even with such stellar reviews for a popular and esteemed company, there are a few customers who have had issues.

First, some reviewers found that the contact was difficult to insert into the eye or, once it was inserted, uncomfortable. However, such a review is subject to the person wearing it, and what might be difficult or uncomfortable for one wearer might be perfectly fine for another.

However, the second issue that reviewers pointed out was that their Proclear contacts would either be too thick to insert, or would break in your eye, halfway through the day. This isn’t exactly dangerous, despite the image that comes to mind. However, it is aggravating. Apparently, this issue only affected a percentage of the contacts, but that is still fairly unsettling. After all, when people buy contacts, they hope that they will be able to use all of the contacts in the box. That is kind of self-explanatory. So, while finding one defective contact could be annoying, having more than that in one box is detrimental to the brand’s otherwise sterling reputation.

Proclear Contact Lens Prices:

Below is a chart of the annual contact lens cost for all of the Proclear contact lenses currently on the market:

Proclear Features:

Proclear as a brand is known for being the perfect fix for people with extremely dry, or easily sensitive eyes. For people who have particularly tricky eyes, this contact brand could literally allow them to see a whole new world, which is extremely encouraging for anyone who feels as though they have lost hope in finding a functioning contact lens.

Here are some the features that make the individual products a favorite for customers:

PC Technology:

The biggest draw to all Proclear contacts is that they are fortified with exclusive PC Technology. This technology utilizes a material called Phosphorylcholine (PC). This material is able to attract water naturally, which keeps the contact lenses and, therefore, the eyes hydrated throughout the day.

So, instead of having to pull from hydration in the contact itself, like many other contact brands, this unique technology actually causes water to become a part of the lens. This creates a strong, natural resistance to dryness that lasts up to twelve hours or more.

Reviewers have hailed this technology, saying that this contact is also great for people who are on the computer all day.

PC Technology allows the eyes to stay ninety-six percent hydrated consistently throughout the day, so even the most grueling days can become irritation and dryness free.

XR Powers

For patients with a severe astigmatism XR Powers make it possible for their vision to be corrected easily and efficiently, with this innovative power. It gives extra strength to the Proclear Toric contact lens, so that wearers can take advantage of all the Toric benefits, even at an extended range.

This means that whether the patient is looking near, or far, they will always be able to enjoy crisp, clear vision.

Balanced Progressive Technology

The innovative, Balanced Progressive Technology helps to sharpen multifocal lenses. This advanced design is equipped with multiple zones of vision correction placed throughout both lenses. This allows the lenses to work together to create natural, seamless, clear vision. With this technology, the wearer can look up close, at middle distances, and far away without having to refocus or wait for their eyes to adjust. It feels almost as though the person has absolutely nothing wrong with their vision.

This technology is extremely useful for patients who are diagnosed with presbyopia. Presbyopia is, unfortunately, a side-effect of aging, usually affecting people who are between the ages of forty and fifty.

The good news is that this technology allows one to not settle for big, chunky grandparent glasses. You can simply pop in a Proclear contact and be on your way.

In sum, Proclear is a revered and specialized brand of contact lens that can bring hope to people with extreme cases of dry eye and irritation.

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