Power Season 6 Episode 6 – What just happened here?!


Alright, it’s time to talk about Season 6 episode 6… what just happened here!?


Here’s the top 4 things that are keeping me waiting up for the next episode of Power this Sunday at 12am EST on the STARZ App!


1. Tariq, man is he trippin.


If I was his mom, I wouldn’t know what to do… I mean, lying about being kidnapped, working with Vincent, and then getting himself played? It was only a matter of time, I don’t even feel bad for him. It’s ridiculous for him to not even come clean to his parents, how long does he think he can keep this up?


2. Tasha & Keisha, why can’t they just move on?


Keisha needs to let it go, what happened in the previous seasons was messed up but Tasha is her best friend, what is she doing holding this grudge?
In other news, Tasha is slaying it in the business, she can definitely hang with the gangsters. On the other hand, Keisha’s new alter ego doesn’t seem quite as fitting. I don’t know about you, but the fact that she’s with Tommy is just so … uggghhh.


3. Was it just me or did Ghost & Tommy get sentimental there?


Ghost and Tommy in the car asking themselves “what are we doing?” was a major woah moment of this episode. It seemed like neither of them really want this feud to continue but both are driven by such a serious need to address the grievances the other has caused them.
I don’t know about you, but I don’t want them to kill each other! I mean, they definitely seem like they would, given the body count each has racked up by now, but come on! It can’t all end like this!


4. Will Tasha and Ghost rekindle?


Now that Angela is out of the picture, will Ghost return to his original love? Maybe it’s just my hope for the St. Patrick family to come back together, but I definitely saw some sparks there! What are your thoughts, are you rooting for a happily ever after or are you addicted to the drama!?


There’s so much in store for the rest of Season 6 Part 1!


Catch up now and stream new episodes every Sunday at 12am EST on the STARZ App before they premiere on live TV!

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