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What is Hero?

Hero is the first end-to-end medication management subscription service taking the hassle out of taking meds for patients and caregivers. A Hero subscription includes access to their award-winning smart dispenser, medication management app, automatic refills with free delivery, and 24/7 live support.

Medication management, simplified

I have a lot to be grateful for: I’m recently retired and live in a beautiful neighborhood with my lovely wife. And at 66 years old, I still feel curious about the world — I’m always looking to learn something new. But one thing that does get to me is the number of medications I’ve been prescribed. 

Recently, it feels like I’ve had to start taking more and more medications to maintain my health. I know it’s natural for my health to change as I get older. And generally, I feel at peace with my age and my health. I’ve lived a vibrant life and continue living it to the fullest! Although I appreciate my life’s good fortune, I sometimes get frustrated by having to make changes to my life due to my health. Maybe it’s my military background, but I pride myself on taking care of my health independently and hate the idea of being a burden. I want to enjoy life while I can and ensure that I’m doing my best to care for myself. That’s why I use Hero, a medication management service that helps me better look after my health. 

The process was the simplest thing I’ve ever done about my healthcare!

Like Netflix and my gym membership, Hero is a subscription service I pay for. In return, I get access to their smart device for dispensing my meds and their connected app for scheduling my dose times. Hero’s device saves me a lot of time by taking care of one of the most labor-intensive parts of my medication regimen: sorting my pills. Prior to Hero, I’d have to sit down every week and sort out what I was taking and when. Now, Hero automatically sorts up to 90 days’ worth of meds. The smart dispenser lights up and makes a sound when it’s time for a dose, and I can keep track of all my medications through the connected app.

Before I discovered Hero, I was frustrated by the amount of time I spent managing my (many) prescription medications, each with different instructions and times. I often found myself in the middle of doing something, distracted by remembering that I needed to take a dose or that I was already late to take it. Refills were another headache: it felt like I was constantly driving to and from various pharmacies, filling my many prescriptions. My wife subjected me to some gentle teasing about becoming an “old man.” And while I knew she meant it lovingly, she had a point: keeping track of my medications was undeniably taking time and focus away from doing the things I love. 

In addition to giving me access to their smart device, my Hero subscription also gives me refills with free delivery and 24/7 customer support. Beyond the basic functionality of reminding me to take my meds and telling me when I’m about to run out of medicine, the biggest benefit of Hero is that it saves me time. Before Hero, I’d often have to go to separate pharmacies on the other side of town to get my meds. But through Hero, all of my prescriptions are handled. They’re even automatically refilled on the same date and delivered free of charge each month, which is one less thing for me to worry about. With Hero, taking care of my health has been simplified, leaving me more time for what I care about most.

If you’re interested in trying Hero, you can sign up through their website today! If you refer Hero to a friend, you’ll both get three months free (if you refer four people, that’s one year free for you!).  Now that’s what I call taking care of each other.

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by Insider Envy Staff

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