A Skincare Exploration: My First Impressions of the Proven System


By: Addie B

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A Skincare Exploration: My First Impressions of the Proven System.

Maintaining a vibrant, healthy skin tone is a lifelong battle. From cystic acne, dark circles, and trying anything and everything to prevent fine lines and aging, I never imagined a world where three products could tackle all my skincare concerns. When I heard of Proven, a skincare brand created to work consistently, with fewer steps and proven ingredients, I thought, what did I have to lose besides my horde of barely-used products?     

Proven’s personalized skincare quiz was like a breath of fresh air. It made me feel special as I filled in my different skin concerns, lifestyle, and habits. In many ways, the three-minute quiz felt more personal than any of my previous dermatologist visits. My Proven System included a Personalized Cleanser, SPF Day Cream, and Night Cream that took all my needs into account plus water hardness and air quality. Things I heard could be impacting my complexion, but never got around to figuring out by myself. The three products contain the equivalent of many serums and are personalized to focus on acne, fine lines, wrinkles, and firmness-elasticity. If the Proven System worked, it would forever change my skincare routine. 

When my order arrived, the Proven experience continued. My Proven dermatologist followed up with helpful tips and tricks that I ritualistically followed, like leaving on the cleanser for a few minutes for a deeper cleanse and gently massaging the products in with circular motions. I dropped all my other products when my Proven System arrived so I’d know whether it was working. After all, according to the website, my new three-step skincare routine was supposed to be all I needed. The first time I tried my personalized cleanser, my skin had never felt so invigorated. My Proven dermatologist, Dr. Anne Alllen, mentioned that there might be some slight tingling because the products were so potent, and she did not disappoint! The slight sensation made me feel like I was getting a deep and thorough cleanse. Though I’d heard there might be some slight redness during my first few days trying the system, I found nothing less than a bright and fresh complexion.

Not only has my skin been vibrant in the week I’ve been using Proven, but it has also forced me to carve out time every day for self-care and, armed with the advice of Dr. Anne Allen, be more intentional in the way I use my products. Gone are the days of slapping moisturizer on my face. Now I gently massage my day and night cream from my brows to my clavicle. I’ve noticed a difference with my eye-bags and fine lines, and, despite PMSing this week, I have yet to get a breakout since starting Proven. Your Proven System gets refined with every order, so your complexion keeps improving. I’m excited to continue this new and improved skincare journey and spend less time judging the woman in the mirror and more time admiring her. 

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