The Dangers of Kibble & What You Can Do to Transform Your Dog’s Health

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The Nasty Side of Commercial Dog Food

Commercial dog food, especially dried dog food, is made largely from the waste products of the food industry. Largely containing everything that doesn’t pass the standards for human food. Instead of throwing these waste products out, companies recycle them into dog (and other animal) food, using bones, gristle, rotting fruits and vegetables, and worst of all: dead, dying, and diseased animals to make the food your dog eats.

To keep this subpar food from noticeably rotting, dog food companies use chemicals and preservatives to keep it smelling and looking fresh. Essentially, selling what would be trash to dog owners for a profit. Even though the food looks decent, it’s not. When you feed your dog commercially made dog food, it’s like feeding them fast food – but MUCH worse.

The Harm Traditional Dog Food Can Cause

The substandard processes and ingredients used to make this food can result in a host of health issues for your dog: lethargy, allergies, hair loss, heart disease, diabetes, early aging, cancer. Feeding your dog commercially made dog food is one of the worst things you can do for their health.

Why You Should Buy Fresh Dog Food

Fresh dog food subscription companies are a healthier, higher quality option for dog owners who want to feed their dogs fresh, homemade meals but don’t have the time to make the meals themselves.

For Fresh Dog Food - We're All-in on The Farmer's Dog

The Farmer’s Dog

The Gold Standard For Ingredient Quality

The Farmer’s Dog puts an emphasis on vitamin and nutrient-rich foods. They want your dog to have a healthy, enjoyable life. Traditional dog food companies want you to give them less nutritious food, just to make it through the day. The Farmer’s Dog is focused on providing fresh and natural food with an emphasis on environmentally friendly packaging.

Why We Chose It

1. High Quality Ingredients
This company takes your dog’s well-being as seriously as you do. All ingredients are human-grade, from well-known food suppliers and local farms that comply with USDA standards. The ingredients are never processed and never feed-grade, giving your dog the highest-quality food possible. The recipes themselves are created by a team of board-certified veterinary nutritionists, ensuring each meal is balanced with proteins, vitamins, and minerals, all to AAFCO standards. Meals are prepared in a USDA kitchen and cooked at USDA-facility standards. The food is quickly frozen, so that it can be shipped as safely as possible, without adding preservatives.

2. Environmentally Conscious
The Farmer’s Dog tries to make each shipment as environmentally-friendly as possible. They deliver their food in a recyclable cardboard box, and biodegradable insulation. You can dissolve this insulation in the sink, or, if you have a compost pile, you can add it in! The food storage containers are also biodegradable, and the packs are BPA-free and non-toxic. If you’re looking for eco-friendly, it doesn’t get much more eco-friendly than The Farmer’s Dog.

3. Customization and Flexibility
The Farmer’s Dog customizes your dog’s meal plan through questions including those about your dog’s size, activity level, and dietary needs. Afterwards, you’ll receive your dog’s food plan, which includes the nutritional info about each recipe. You can remove any recipes you think your dog won’t like. Now that’s a plus! Worried your dog won’t love their new food? No worries necessary. The Farmer’s Dog can send you other recipes for your dog to try, or you can be refunded, if you donate the food to a shelter. Either option seems like a stellar one to us!

4. Convenient Delivery
Depending on your plan, you can choose a flexible or recurring schedule. The Farmer’s Dog wants deliveries to be most convenient for you, so you can easily change your address, shipping times, and amounts of food. Meals come in serving packs, making it easy and convenient to feed your pup. You can store your dog’s food in the freezer and thaw in the fridge when it’s mealtime. You’ll receive a guide with your box on the best way to store your food, so you won’t be left with any questions when unpacking your box.

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