What are opaque tint contacts?


What are opaque tint contacts?

Contact lenses have come a long way since their earliest days. From hard shell contacts to new daily disposables, the variety and quality of contacts on the market is amazing.

One of the interesting changes contacts can provide is not with your vision, but the color of your eyes. These color-changing contacts are also known as opaque tint contacts.

Types of Tinted Contacts:

When people talk about tinted contacts they typically talk about three different types of contacts.

First, there are visibly tinted contacts, where the tint is a light color and is used merely to help you if you drop a contact, or while you are inserting your contact into your eye.

Second, there are contacts that provide color enhancement. These include Freshlook Enhance contacts, Freshlook Colorblends contacts, as well as Acuvue Define contacts. These contacts aim to brighten and enhance the natural color of your eye, rather than change it to a new color.

Lastly, there are fully colored contacts, also known as opaque tint contacts. These come in a wide variety of colors from Hazel to Violet to Green.

Benefits of Opaque Tint Contacts:

 The main purpose of colored contacts is aesthetic. Simply put, a new contact color can be a fun and striking way to change your style. And with so many leading brands offering colored contacts you can maintain your vision quality while experimenting with a new look.

 Challenges with Opaque Tint Contacts:

Opaque tint contacts have a few interesting challenges. First is the price. Colored contacts are some of the most expensive on the market. The technology required to change your eye color and make it look natural is significant. Beyond this, since colored contacts are purely used for cosmetic reasons, companies are comfortable charging more for them.

Another popular use of opaque tint contacts is for costumes, particularly around Halloween, where people use white or yellow opaque tint contacts for zombie or cat costumes respectively. The challenge here is making sure that whatever contact you are inserting into your eye if you are not a regular contact user, is the right fit.

There many horror stories of individuals using over the counter Halloween costume contacts and damaging their eyes. For example, a high-schooler in Detroit used color contacts to enhance her zombie costume, but ended up with a torn cornea the next day, causing long-term damage to her eye.

Who Makes the Best Opaque Tint Contacts?

 If you want to learn more about reviews and ratings for the best-colored contacts—check out our colored contact guide here.

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