What to Watch After Game of Thrones



Whether you’re disappointed that Game of Thrones has ended or by the way it ended, don’t despair. There are so many streaming services out there with some pretty great original series, but we think STARZ has the best original series for Game of Thrones lovers. To see which one(s) is right for you, keep reading!

The Definitive List


If you love Game of Thrones for its fantasy scenes: American Gods

Why We Think You’ll Love It: American Gods is jam-packed with fantasy – it’s the Old Gods battling the New Gods in a magical world. Shadow, the protagonist, becomes the driver, bodyguard, and right-hand man to Mr. Wednesday, an Old God and charismatic grifter who fears losing influence to the New Gods – Technology, Drugs, Money, and Media to name a few. As a result, Wednesday tries to reunite the Old Gods together in a grand scheme to fight the New Gods to get their influence back, along the way dragging Shadow into a magical world he never knew existed.



If you love Game of Thrones for its Medieval Settings: The Spanish Princess

Why We Think You’ll Love It: The Spanish Princess is set at the tail end of Medieval England. It follows the story of Catherine of Aragon during her teenage years when she returns to her ancestral England from Spain to meet her betrothed – Arthur, Prince of Wales. Unfortunately, Arthur dies suddenly, leaving Catherine’s role as uniter of Spain and England in question until Catherine decides to set her mind on marrying the arrogant and charismatic younger brother of Arthur – Prince Harry.


If you love Game of Thrones for its Strong Female Characters & the Battles between Noble Houses: The White Queen

Why We Think You’ll Love It: The White Queen is a historical drama set during the War of Roses in Medieval England beginning in 1464. Much like the battle between the Targarians and the Starks, The White Queen follows the bloody nine year war between the House of the Lancasters and the House of the Tudors for the English throne. What sets The White Queen apart is its focus on three women who rise to power by waging their own war behind the scenes.


If you love Game of Thrones for its Steamy Romance Scenes: Outlander

Why We Think You’ll Love It: Outlander follows protagonist Claire Randall, a married WWII combat nurse from Scotland, who one day finds herself taken back to 1743. In this world, Claire finds herself in danger, ultimately turning to marry a handsome Scottish warrior, Jamie, to save her life. What started as a marriage of self-preservation, Claire ultimately finds herself in a passionate affair with Jamie. In the end, Claire finds herself not only torn between two vastly different worlds but also two vastly different men. For a historical, sci-fi, adventure drama, Outlander definitely doesn’t skimp on the super steamy romance scenes.


If you’re like us and love Game of Thrones for all its various facets – fantasy, medieval settings, strong female characters, battle of the nobles, and steamy romance scenes – we definitely recommend adding these shows to your watch queue ASAP.

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