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A collection of our favorite Outlander memes so far!

Our Favorite Outlander Memes So Far

Let’s be honest, Outlander gives us some insanely meme-worthy content. So, we’ve aggregated a few of our all-time favorite memes. Any we missed? Leave them in the comments below. 

If you’ve never seen Outlander, here’s the elevator pitch-style summary: A nurse in WWII, Claire goes on a much-needed honeymoon with her husband, Frank, to Scotland. Claire wanders off to standing stones, at which point she’s transported back in time to 1700’s Scotland. And so the story begins: Claire is trapped between two different worlds, two different men and two totally different lives. Which will Claire choose?

1. As much as we love the Kardashians, Claire is a bada** woman we’re always behind.

2. Who wouldn’t want Jamie to be their husband? Well, maybe except for the fact that it would mean no electricity, no plumbing, and no modern comforts.

3. On the subject of marriage again, we feel you Jamie. Claire is a fierce, independent, all-around amazing person. Who wouldn’t want to spend the rest of their life with her?

4. Diana:Jane as Jamie:Mr. Darcy. We thank you both, kindly.

5. And last, but certainly not least…our favorite of all time. Outlander is, and always will be, the steamiest, sweetest romance of this century.

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