Outlander’s Hottest Love Scenes


Our List of Outlander’s Hottest Love Scenes Yet

If you haven’t seen Outlander yet, you’re missing out on one of the steamiest, most titillating romance series out there. It’s even got equally steamy, titillating love scenes to match. STARZ definitely doesn’t skimp on the spice in Outlander. Read on for some of our favorite (read: hottest) love scenes in Outlander so far.

  1. Season 1, Episode 9: When Claire Finds Out that Jamie had her Ring Fashioned from His Key to Lallybroch
    Why We Love It: Not only is it an incredibly intense scene, but it also conveys how much Jamie and Claire love each other. Jamie literally pledged his loyalty to Claire with a sword! But, let’s be honest, our favorite part is that Claire is very clearly in charge of the whole time. We love women in charge.
  2. Season 1, Episode 10 + Season 1, Episode 11: When Jamie puts Claire’s Pleasure First
    Why We Love It: A man putting the woman’s needs first. Well, that’s something we can fully and wholeheartedly get behind. Jamie and Claire just happen to make it look really good.
  3. Season 4, Episode 8: When Brianna and Roger Consummate their Marriage
    Why We Love It: Claire and Jamie aren’t the only ones having fun in Outlander. Brianna and Roger have their fair share as well. Both literally hot (they’re lying down next to a fire in the living room) and figuratively hot, this is about as good as it gets when it comes to steamy love scenes on TV.
  4. Season 4, Episode 11: Lawyers + Lords Also Love
    Why We Love It: Even though the show takes place centuries ago, it still manages to stay modern and relevant. We wish they’d show more non-hetero love scenes, but we’ll take what we can get. Lord John Grey and and a lawyer he meets at Aunt Jacosta’s dinner party for Brianna get pretty steamy in this scene.
  5. Season 2, Episode 4: Claire and Jamie Reunite
    Why We Love It: Claire and Jamie were in a bit of a Droughtlander (yes, we went there) themselves, but thank goodness they rekindled their passion. A pregnant Claire straddles Jamie and asks him to “Come find me. Find us,” before she takes charge under blue moonlight. It’s one of the most romantic scenes of the whole series (at least so far).

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