Power Season 6 Premiere Date Announced


It's officially going down - Power is back August 25th

Calling all Power fans: STARZ has (at long last) finally announced the release date for the highly anticipated sixth season of their number one show, Power!


Season 6 of Power will premiere on August 25th, and will feature an absolutely jaw dropping 15 episodes, 50% more than the previous season.


Don’t believe us that you should be extremely hyped about next season? Here’s what the internet has to say:

The best part? STARZ is having a special offer right now where you can sign up for $5 for your first 3 months – which means the offer will take you all the way through the season 6 Premiere.


Get the deal here and binge-watch Power seasons 1-5 for only $5 per month for 3 months!

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by Insider Envy Staff


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